This vintage photograph features a cute little girl holding an unusual doll in her lap. The doll has a very life-like appearance. The child is sitting on an unusual carved wooden chair. She is wearing a checkered skirt and a hair bow. The photograph was purchased from a Russian collector and likely originates there. The photograph is on card stock that is slightly thinner than the paper board seen on most cabinet cards.  Speaking of unusual, note the chair that the girl is sitting on. The child’s clothing is adorable. She is wearing a large bow in her hair. The little girl, the photographer, and the location that the photo was taken, are all unidentified. The photograph is somewhat bowed and is in overall good condition (see scans).    

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  1. I love the doll!!…and it is waving to us….and no doubt very loved and cherished by the little girl….very cool chair….

  2. That is a very unusual chair! I wouldn’t be surprised though if those are actual elk hooves instead of carved wood. The seat looks like it was made from antlers. Likely a Siberian elk, given the size and Russian origin of the photograph.
    There was a rather famous elkhorn and hoof chair given to Abraham Lincoln in 1864 by wildman Seth Kinman, who incidentally also gave President Andrew Johnson a chair made from a grizzly bear. Kind of gross if you ask me, but not nearly as ewwww as the Victorian brooches made from real hummingbirds! For being all prim and proper, they sure liked some strange things.

  3. I agree with the comment about the chair – well done. The design of the mat and the curtain should help to indicate the origin. Unfortunately I cannot help as my expertise relates to United Kingdom cartes de visite and cabinet cards. Ron

  4. … and with an uglier stool!

  5. What an unusual unique shot, and backdrop too with the patterned hanging behind the child. For some reason this looks like a young boy to me, with a boy’s doll (or a boy doll, in other words)? Just wondering that, in other words, based on the haircut and the demeanor of the child, and yet, you are right that there is this bow or hair ornamentation, so hmmm, not sure either (?) And yes, very unique on this chair. I was thinking hooves, antlers too possibly, on this very unusual chair that the child is seated on, and once again, thank you for sharing all of these very special shots that I am enjoying so much seeing each time, and for the research and background which you always try to provide with these as well too.

  6. I fail to see anything “Ugly” in this photo, curious as to the label you have presented here?

  7. Look at the trash they call dolls today. Huge false painted eyes, plastic sexualized bodies: this is a classic doll of that era. As someone said: probably loved dearly. – And I agree with Gerald. I don’t see anything “ugly” in this pic either. – The chair looks like it has legs like an elk.

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