This Cabinet Card features two young woman and their bicycles. Magnification reveals that the bicycles have bells on the handle bars. The woman are wearing caps which brings up the issue of whether this is an occupational photograph. For example, were these women messengers or some other bicycle related employment. The woman on the left is wearing a dress which would make bicycling very difficult, so another possibility is that the caps and the bikes are just props from the photographic studio. The reverse of the card has an inscription that indicates that the woman under the “x” (the woman on the left), is named Miss H. Pleiss. Also in the inscription appears to be the word “Butte’. It is very possible that this cabinet card is from Butte, Montana. There is no evidence concerning the identity of the photographer.

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  1. One reason there may be no info on the photographer is the time frame of the photo. I would say late 1880s, early 1890s. I’m finding a number of photos without identification from this time frame.

    The photo is rare! I’ve been through thousands of photos for my book and this is only the 2nd one I’ve seen in several years. Fortunately I managed to get hold of one a few weeks ago.

    Just a wonderful image!

    The Pink Flamingo

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