An unidentified actress poses for her photograph at the studio of Bradley & Rulofson, 429 Montgomery Street, in San Francisco, California. The actress is quite beautiful.Bradley & Rulofson was a well known photographic gallery. The reverse of the card advertises the fact that the studio had won local, national and international photography competitions, including a medal from Vienna, Austria (1873). To learn more about this photographic studio, click on the category “Photographer: Bradley & Rulofson”.

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  1. This picture looks like Mary Jane Morgan Rulofson. Wm H. Rulofson 2nd wife.

  2. I looked at some photographs of Mary Jane Morgan Rulofson and definitely saw a resemblance between this photograph and Mrs Rulofson. I am impressed with your observational skills. Do you have a particular interest in Rulofson? Mary Jane Morgan must have been an interesting woman. She was a secretary at the gallery before marrying Rulofson. Although she was never credited as a photographer, it is thought that she had talent in the field and influenced her husbands work. After Rulofson died in 1878, she took over his share of the gallery and ran the business until 1889.

    • Yes, I do have a special interest. Wm and Mary Jane are my 2nd great grandparents. It is my understanding that his glass plates were sold to make a greenhouse at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. I have not found a family collection of his works. I have a collected of a few photographs I found on e-bay. I have seen his photographs in books, magazines and collections in San Francisco, Berkley and Sacramento. One area I would like to research is his works as the official photograph for the Bohemian Club. I would appreciate any information regarding the Rulofson Family or their photographic works.

  3. I Have a few of Rulofson’s cabinet cards. Great memorabilia.

    • You folks are probably correct but an alternate possibility adds to the fun. Were this a ‘theatrical celebrity’ … my first impulse is Clara Louise Kellogg, opera singer. She more often posed from the right side and seldom in profile … but some exist. The folds of the left ear look especially familiar to my macro-challenged eyes. Just a thought.

      • Been comparing this with known left-profile pictures of Clara Louise Kellogg (who it looks like to me). Overlaying the left ears on such pics is pretty much a perfect match… sorry, but I believe it is Clara.

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