This cabinet card image features a shapely woman in a polka dot dress with a black jacket and apron. Although the shape of the dots are more like a leaf or star, than a dot, the dress has a polka dot appearance. The fashion statement made by this woman is reminiscent of the latter day song about the girl in the “itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini”. The woman in this photograph, judging by her outfit, clearly is not adverse to attracting attention. The photograph was produced by an unidentified studio in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Interestingly, Bellefonte proclaims itself to be “Central Pennsylavnia’s Victorian Secret”. According to various sources, the town has many  lovely Victorian homes. Bellefonte is located about twelve miles from State College, the home of Penn State.

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  1. I love that dress! Would like to know, which colours she chose, because it seems not really matching with he faces’ expression.
    (p.s.: no dots – they are stars.)

  2. The photo is probably one of conspicuous consumption, 1880s style. The fabric in the dress is a sign that our friend could afford to wear something other than the standard brown or black or a single shade of fabric. Also notice the jewelry she is wearing – quite a bit for the time frame. The entire photo screams, “I have more money than you do!” I also suspect her money is very new, not “old”. What is fascinating is that the dress is not that well made, which could indicate she was trying to prove to the world that she had money. On the other hand, it could simply indicate that she had a lousy dressmaker.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. Not your run of the mill was a one of a kind..her brooch looks like it has an eagle on it:)

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