This cabinet card features a profile portrait of a pretty young woman. She is wearing a five point star pin on her collar. The woman is unidentified, but her initials (E. J. H.) are on the reverse of the photograph. The photographer is Hummel and his studio was located in Santa Ana, California. The photographer is likely the same individual who was partnered with Conaway in the Conaway & Hummel photographic studio, also located in Santa Ana. Research uncovered no further information about Mr. Hummel.

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  1. Very catchy title, I was going to tell you how jealous I was that you had another old film star’s picture! 🙂 She’s a lovely woman, too bad as usual she’s unidentified.

  2. Does the 5 point star pin have any particular significance?

    • The image of the five point star can be traced very far back in history. Ancient Chinese traditions utilized the five point star to represent the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). The five pointed star makes an appearance in many different belief systems. The five point star can also be found on the flags of many nations including Liberia, Pakistan, Chile, China, and Somalia. I do not know the reason why the five point star shows up as jewelry in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Perhaps the five point star was worn as jewelry because of its association with fame, or “stardom”. Another possibility is that the shape simply represented astronomical stars. Hopefully, visitors to the cabinet card gallery will leave further opinions and information as to the significance of five point stars during the era of cabinet card photography.

  3. Beautiful..I recently found a Conaway & Hummel Cabinet Card from Santa Ana, CA

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