Perhaps the photographer of this unique cabinet card faced a dilemma. After posing the short man with two canes  in in a chair between the two normal sized men, the photographer may have realized that the resulting portrait would look disproportionate and unattractive. After this realization, perhaps the photographer had a flash of creativity and imagined the “Up, Up, and Away” concept utilized in this photograph. The concept worked. The resulting image is fun,   action packed, and proportionate (all three men’s heads are at the same  level).  This terrific image shows two men hoisting a disabled man, holding two canes, into the air. Two of the men are wearing straw hats, and the man in the middle is wearing a derby. All three men seem to be in good humor. Note the “Daily Ohio” newspaper sticking out of one of the men’s pocket. The newspaper may be “The Ohio Daily Statesman”. This particular newspaper was an early Columbus publication but the date that the newspaper issued its last edition has yet to be uncovered. Therefore,  unknown whether the Statesman was still published at the time of this photograph. The photographers of this photograph are Edward B. Champion and Robert M. Davie, of Columbus, Ohio. This cabinet card is in good condition (see scans).

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  1. What a fun photo! This pose is so wacky it makes me wonder if these guys might be a vaudeville team or something.

  2. Hi I have a photocard from perrtz photography of a man 36” tall. Trying to find out information

    • Does the short man look anything like the man on the swing in this photograph? Is the man’s name listed? Is the mans height preprinted or written on the card? Sorry for so many questions but you have woken up my curiosity.

      • The only thing it says on the back is his name is listed as Major and last name begins with an O and he’s 36”tall

      • I found some “circus midgets” names that begin with Major. Perhaps these can help you identify the man in your photograph. Their names are Major John Mertz, Major Littlefinger, Major Page, Major Willie Ray, Major Atom, and Major Noble George Washington Winner. If you don’t already know, I have three cabinet cards by Perrtz in the Cabinet Card Gallery. You can access them by putting “Perrtz” in the search box. Two of the three photographs appear to be images of theatrical performers. I hope this information is helpful.

      • Thank you. Never thought about him being a circus performer. It was in a box of old family photos!

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