This cabinet card appears to be a photograph of a wedding group. One would suspect that the bride is the woman in the white gown. She is seated and holding an umbrella. The most likely candidate for groom is the fellow standing behind the bride. The bride is certainly better dressed than the groom. For some unknown reason, the brides  purse was placed on the floor in front of her. What was the photographer thinking? He did an excellent job of posing the six individuals in the wedding group and than detracts from the image by leaving the purse on the floor in the center of the photograph. This  photographer has a history of making similar posing mistakes. To view an example of another one of his poorly posed photographs, click on the category “Photographer O. H. Park. Note the man sitting on the left of the bride. He is holding something that looks like a pin wheel or a small fan. Perhaps a Cabinet Card Gallery visitor can more confidently identify the object. This photograph was taken at Park’s studio in Clarinda, Iowa. Clarinda was founded in 1851. It is written that outlaw Jesse James passed through Clarinda a number of times. The town was named for Clarinda Buck. Legend states that Ms. Buck carried water to the first surveyors of the area. The name “Alice” is written on the reverse of the photograph. “Alice” is likely the name of the bride.

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  1. The gentleman is holding a folding fan. The trip halves of the handle turn back around, to meet again with the folded paper protected between them. Still found in novelty shops.

  2. Yes it is a fan, it folds up into the handle. They are usually made of glazed cotton fabric, dark red, brown or blue in this case. Cheaper ones were made of paper and folded down into a flat wood handle. The paper ones may have been prizes at county fairs.
    Love your blog.

  3. It is an odd posing with the purse and the distance between all the parties especially the bride and groom – not even sure who the groom is. Nobody really looks too happy to be there.

  4. This interesting Cabinet Card was posted a good while back. But it is new to me and worth a fresh look, I think…even a touch of fun to play Devil’s Advocate. I don’t believe it is a wedding portrait at all. My guess, probably worthless, is that it was a cast photo of a local theater production … and the odd things pointed out would make sense in the context of the play. Can’t think offhand of a play called ‘Alice’ but I do expect that is she in the white dress, either in life or in character. If it might help shore up O.H.Park’s soiled ‘composition’ reputation, that would be a nice bonus.

  5. I believe the object in the man’s hand is a fan, not a pinwheel.

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