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  1. What an interesting photo! The two little girls are obviously decked out in their finest dresses while the older woman appears to be in everyday clothing. This strikes me as rather curious. Also, both girls are wearing much jewelry, including multiple rings. The strangest element is the strings on their little hands. At first I thought Cat’s Cradle, perhaps. Does anyone have any idea what the strings might be?

  2. A museum quality treasure especially because of the contrast between youth and age. The beads add an element of simple charm, and I like the cat cradle idea for the strings. But my question is how did this photograph come to be taken ? The woman’s age and surely modest means make her unlikely to afford a photograph. A formal studio portrait like this was a luxury.

  3. I think the arm about the waist is more to confine her. She’s a bit blurry compared with the other 2 and her legs are at an odd angle. She looks like a squirmer. 😛

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