GIRL AND DOLL OHIO_0001This photograph captures an adorable dark skinned girl with ringlet curls posing with her large doll. The little girl and the doll are well dressed. The child is wearing a cute patterned paisley dress. The amount of detail seen on the doll’s facial features is terrific, as is the little girl’s smile. The girl is dark complected. Many cabinet card sellers would advertise this image as being a photograph of a Native American, Black, or Hispanic little girl. Obviously, there is no way to know the ethnic origin of this little girl but unscrupulous sellers would have no problem advertising a possibility as a certainty. Collectors of antique photographs must beware of such practices within the hobby. The photographer is the Armstrong studio in Paulding, Ohio. No further information could be found about  the photographer of this image.

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  1. I am so happy to have found this blog. I have quite a few cabinet cards and I am always trying to find out more information about them. I will be reading all the descriptions off and on while sitting in my chair. I discovered your blog while researching cabinet cards from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

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