A young woman has her head in the clouds in this Bellevue, Iowa portrait. The photographic effect was created by photographer M. J. Streuser in his Front Street studio. On a sad note, it is likely that this portrait is actually a memorial cabinet card. My hypothesis is that the photographer used the effect to create a heavenly image of the woman.  To view other memorial cards, click on the category “Memorial Card”.

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  1. Head in the clouds? Her hair *looks* like a cloud.

    Have you ever come across images with people sitting in a crescent moon? I’ve come across a group of vintage photos with single men or two men (and in one case a group of three men) posed sitting inside a crescent moon. Can’t seem to figure out the story…

    • I have come across several photo postcards of men or women sitting on a crescent moon (and we thought Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon). Like you, I can’t figure out the story either. Interestingly, the film company, Dreamworks, has a logo of a man sitting on a crescent mood holding a fishing pole and dangling a fishing line. There is definitely something dreamy about the image. You and I are both psychologists and we should be able to come up with some kind of interpretation. In fact, cabinet cards are a bit like Rorschach, or TAT cards. Thanks for your comment.

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