A woman poses for her portrait at the Lindenmuth Studio in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She likely viewed her self as foremost, a musician. She chose to pose herself, or approved the photographers instructions, to pose sitting and holding her violin and bow. The photographer, Arlington Nelson Lindenmuth (1856-1950) is a noted American landscape and portrait painter. He worked in Allentown which is located in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Baum Circle which was a group of artists who were influenced by the work of Pennsylvania impressionist painter Walter Emerson Baum. Lindenmuth studied painting under Peter Alfred Gross and also in Europe. His paintings were exhibited in Philadelphia and New York City. He also painted a number of murals which still can be seen in a number of Allentown’s buildings. Lindenmuth is also known as one of the pioneer photographers in the Lehigh Valley. He operated a photography studio in Allentown for a number of decades. Interestingly, in addition to running a photography business, Lindenmuth taught art from his photography studio. In 1882 he worked for the Eastman Kodak Company as a traveling salesman. He was a great advocate of art appreciation. He was a proponent for the Allentown Art Museum. One of his sons, Raphael Tod Lindenmuth, had much success as an artist. Below is an example of a painting by Arlington Nelson Lindenmuth. To view other photographs by Lindenmuth, click on the category “Photographer: Lindenmuth”.



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  1. A beautiful portrait. A good example too of one of the many photographer cliches of this era – the female violinist dressed in white gown. It’s very rare to see one wearing a dark color.

  2. Beautiful picture,I love the violin angels music.Iam looking for a picture that M,Goulart took of my great granfather,great grandmother they were from the azores,John Rodrigues (Rodrick)an Marqurita Borros, And lived in New Bedford Mass.Can you help me..

    • Thanks for visiting the cabinet card gallery and leaving your comment. In regard to the search for your relative, I wish you luck. The odds are against you but anything is possible. I have a photograph of an ethnic couple that was taken by M Goulart. You can see it in the gallery. The following actions may help you in your search. Do an extensive internet search to find all the photographs taken by Goulart. Also google your relatives names. Look on the web, in images, and in books for both the photographer and your relatives names. Check out genealogy sites such as ancestry.com. Look under your relatives names. Most of these sites include pictures. Contact the historical society and library in New Bedford and seek their assistance and guidance in your search. There are also internet sites that attempt to match orphan photographs of identified people with their descendants. Look for these sites. If you have no luck finding them, contact me and I wil get you the references. Good luck and have fun in your search.

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