Pencilled on the reverse of this cabinet card, is the name Isabel Everson. Preliminary research reveals little information about this actress other than an existence of a tobacco card premium published by Sweet Caporal which has her portrait. In addition, some newspaper articles were found that announce her appearance in various theater production.  Further research is required. This cabinet card is by Sarony, famed celebrity photographer located in New York City. To see other examples of Sarony’s photographs; click on the Photographer: Sarony category on this site. The second photograph of Miss Everson is by an unknown photographer. Unfortunately, the bottom of the cabinet card has been trimmed to fit into a frame or album, making it difficult but not impossible to identify the photographer. I attempted to identify the photographer by matching the script on the bottom of the photo with other photographer logos in the cabinet card collection. Unfortunately, I had no luck. Perhaps a cabinet card gallery visitor will be able to accomplish the detective work necessary to make the identification. Note the images found below that identifies Miss Everson as well as the image of the Russell Brothers stamp. Both the inscription and the stamp were located on the reverse of the cabinet card. Miss Everson is wearing a very interesting costume in this cabinet card photograph. It is probably something that she was wearing in a play in which she was appearing. I wonder what the object is that she is holding in her right hand. Does the object relate to her costume? I seem to have more questions than answers about this portrait of Isabel Everson.

everson 3

everson 2


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  1. That looks like the top of the logo of photographer E. Scholl of Philadelphia … but my macro-challenged eyes oft lead me astray. Neat portraits.

  2. You have performed excellent detective work. After comparing the logo on Miss Everson’s portrait to the some of the logos on Emil Scholl’s cabinet card portraits; I believe that you are correct. Further supportive evidence is that Scholl was known for his celebrity portraits, many of which were theater stars. Thanks for your investigation work and comment.

  3. This woman’s name is Isabelle Evesson. I think you may have been misreading the back of the card or that it is illegible as ‘Everson’. I had to go to the IMDb, New Yorik Times and NY Public Library with more pics of her. So here are the links:

    born c.1870, made two silent movies before her death

    some theatre work:

    portraits NY Public Library:

    obituary August 10, 1914; she died August 9

  4. heres her obit again:

    • Thank you so much for doing a great deal of quality research to illuminate the life of Miss Evesson so that visitors to the cabinet card gallery can learn more about this interesting actress. I appreciate your efforts and it is clear that you, like the other people who regularly visit the site share a passion for vintage photography and the history and stories that these images tell. I am happy that you are part of the cabinet card gallery’s “vast unpaid research department”.

  5. Hello, I thought I’d inform that the NY Public Library,Billy Rose division has updated their Url. So I’m sending the new link for everyone who wants to view the portraits of Miss Evesson. thanks:

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