This vintage real photo postcard extols the glory of war. We see an image of a cute little boy playing with his toy soldiers. Above him, we see an image of a smiling World War I soldier looking down on the young lad. Perhaps this photograph can be interpreted as a soldier at war fondly remembering his days playing with toy soldiers. A second interpretation may be that a little boy is fantasizing fighting in a “real war” while he is playing with his militaristic toys. It is clear that this photo postcard was aimed to stimulate feelings of patriotism during a time of war. Many generations of young boys have had a skewed view of war. Fighting wars has been viewed as glorious and exciting. One teenager once told me that he didn’t want to live his life without having the experience of going to war. When these young boys (and in present times….girls) grow up and become participants in warfare, they realize that the fantasy is nothing like the reality. This postcard is an example of propaganda meant to garner support for France, it’s policies, and it’s troops. The postcard was published in France and is part of a series (0 549).  (SOLD)

war 1

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  2. There are better ways to deal with things than War, we still have not learned or it is not Profitable without war. The latter is unfortunately more likely the case in our world 2015. Shameful really…

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