This vintage real photo postcard features beautiful stage actress Marie Studholme (1872-1930). The English actress and singer was known for her supporting and starring roles in Victorian and Edwardian musical comedies. Her theater career spanned from 1891 through 1915. Her roles included appearances in “An Artists Model” (1895), “The Messenger” (1900), and “Lady Madcap” (1906). Marie Studholme’s beauty made her one of the most popular postcard models of her time. This postcard was part of the Rotary Photographic Series (no. 4188 A) and was printed in England. Miss Studholme’s portrait was photographed by the celebrated Foulsham & Banfield studio. Although photo postcard portraits of Miss Studholme are common , this particular photograph is uncommon.

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  1. I just viewed the short ad on your site below Miss Studholme, and it featured “The Most Beautiful Women in the World” (currently – 2015). Of course the feature pic was a female in a tiny imitation of a bikini, and she wore the usual gaping “hot” facial expression. What a contrast! – Thank you, as usual, Cabinet Card, for relieving our eyes and presenting us with an image from a time when true beauty of expression, poise and intelligence is reflected in the charming renditions of a better – much, much better, time.

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