This vintage real photo postcard features what may be some photographer’s fantasy. Nothing beats having a bottle of champagne and a pretty young lady chilling on ice. I doubt that many men have actually ever had such a thought. If I was a psychologist, which in fact I am, I might be thinking that the bottle of champagne is a perfect example of a phallic symbol. I wonder if the photographer realized he had created a subliminal sexually charged image when he took this photograph. I’m not sure how to interpret the spider web in the background. If you haven’t noticed, this postcard is celebrating a New Year. The reverse of the card shows a postmark from Brussels, Belgium and indicates the date was December 31st, between 1918 and 1919.  The stamp on the postcard is also from Belgium.

champagne 1

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  1. Phallic? Gosh.

  2. The photographer certainly knew what was up—-tee hee—-re: the bottle and the phallic symbol and so did his viewers. The French have never seen shy about things like that—-a champagne bottle that has popped its cork and is frothing over means exactly what you’d think.

    The web symbolizes being caught in a woman’s snare; the woman’s dress indicates that she’s nobody’s—or maybe, everybody’s—‘wife’.


  3. As to the web – a warning not to get caught in the web of liquor and party girls.

  4. An out dated and no doubt now-offensive imagery, but at the time sexy and appropriate, was that women were trying to snag men in their web. A little breast, a little champagne and zappo.

  5. the cancel is 18-19 which is 24 hr clock for 18 hour ( 6pm ) 19min. year date is 09 for 1909 for those of Philatelic interest

  6. the postal cancel or hammer is 18-19 ~ this 24 hr time 6:30pm Dec.31 & 09 is 1909 for those interested in Philately ~ I have 100+ postcards from WWI in the Somme & Flanders I would like to share ~ should anyone see this I am researching the producers in France & Belgium ~ I have 20 logos but can’t post here

  7. cancel is 18-19 18hrs & 19min. 6:19pm the 09 is 1909

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