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This vintage real photo postcard features two handsome young men wearing caps. They are sporting a “dressy casual” look as seen by their open at the top shirts and their collars draping over the lapels of their sport jackets. Writing on the reverse of the photograph reveals that one of the boy’s names is Andre. Unfortunately I am unable to decipher the handwriting to uncover his last name. The writing also appears to include the year that the photograph was taken,  “1942-1943”. This postcard falls in the rare category, it comes from a private studio, had very limited production, is in very good condition,  and has great clarity.

handsome guys 5



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  1. The name is “André Houbracken”. It is a Belgian name. You can find 2 matching entries on two genealogy websites.
    Maybe you could send the photo to the persons who have the trees…

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