This vintage photograph features a woman who seems intent on making a fashion statement. Unfortunately, it is difficult to interpret the message she is trying to deliver. Certainly she is dressed in a very feminine manner. Some may argue that her attire is very juvenile. The bows on her shoes and her large and frilly bonnet might be expected to be seen on a little girl rather than someone this woman’s age. The woman in this photograph displays an air of confidence and a tight smile. She has a long braid hanging down to her waist decorated by a hair bow. She is holding a fan and wearing a beaded necklace and a bracelet. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this photograph is the pattern on the woman’s dress. The dress has a pattern that consists of five-pointed stars. These stars may have some meaning. Historically five pointed stars have been associated with certain religious, cultural, and fraternal groups. This vintage photograph was taken by a studio located on Strand Avenue in New York City.

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  1. Love the shoes ! She looks like a character out of Gilbert & Sullivan.

  2. Yes, I agree with Libby above: this woman is definitely wearing some kind of stage costume! I don’t know of a Gilbert & Sullivan character who wears stars like this, though, and I’ve seen or assisted in costuming most of their operettas.

    The short skirt and hair worn down (on an adult woman), with fanciful headdress (similar to ones I’ve seen in photos of Gaiety Girls and other showgirls of the Edwardian era) and blingy stars all over the dress, are all eye-catching theatrical costuming tricks. I wonder who the woman is!

  3. Some good speculations and suggestions. That droopy blouse style shouts at me something about WW1 era (and a little beyond) … could be the related patriotic connection? The stars seem to have internal detail.

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