This vintage real photo postcard exudes a form of patriotism that is seldom seen today. The AZO stamp box indicates that this photo was taken sometime between 1918 and 1930. This was an era when it was relatively common for individuals to include flags when having their picture taken. We tend to see a resurgence of exhibiting American flags for short stints during the time of national threat or crisis (ie 9/11). When people chose to pose with flags during the 1910’s and 1920’s, it wasn’t to tout a particular cause. They were just expressing their love and fidelity toward their country. Not to get political, but….., wearing a MAGA cap or donating to a liberal or conservative cause, does not make one “patriotic”. Patriotism is one’s love, support and defense of one’s country, not one’s cause. I apologize for the rant. There is faint writing in pencil on the reverse of this postcard. The text states “With love from Mr. and Mrs. Chester McCrumb (?), To our sister Mrs. Jennie Hubbard”. This photo postcard has excellent clarity and is in good condition (See Scans and note bottom right of image).   SOLD


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