This vintage real photo postcard features a lovely well dressed couple with a sense of humor. The gentleman in the photograph wrote a very funny message on the reverse of the card. The man, Joe, writes that the pair are being photographed on a mountain, twelve hundred feet above Portland, Oregon. He then demonstrated his flair for humor by suggesting to the postcard’s recipient,  “If you have any rats in your smoke house, just put this (photo) in there and I will insure you no more rats will bother”. This postcard was sent to a woman in Latham, Kansas, and was postmarked in Eads, Colorado. The card was written and mailed in 1908. Joe and his “lady friend” were photographed at 10 Minute Photos, by Cal Calvert. The studio was located in Council Crest (Portland, Oregon). Council Crest Park is a city park in southwest Portland. Council Crest is 1071 feet above sea leveland is one of the hightest points in in the Tualatin Mountains. The park offers a great view of Portland. The couple in this photo may have taken a street car to the park. The Portland Railway, Light and Power Company opened a street car route  (Council Crest Line) to the park in 1906. In 1907 the company opened an amusement park at the site. Research found information related to the photographer who took this photograph. Charles E. (Cal) Calvert operated his studio at Sixth & Ankeny from 1906 through 1930. In 1907, with the opening of Council Crest Amusement Park, he operated a studio and postcard stand on it’s grounds. He also ran a studio at the Washington Street entrance to Portland’s City Park in 1910. Cal was known for his use of rustic props and for his creativity. One of his sets involved subjects appearing as if they were flying an airplane over the city of Portland. A postcard employing this setting is part of a collection at the Portland Art Museum. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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Buy this original Real Photo Postcard (includes International shipping outside the US) #2516

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  1. The research you offer for background is astounding and very welcome. You make me feel I’m right there with that couple.

    • Thanks. I find the research is half the fun of collecting these images. As a clinical psychologist, research was a significant part of my training and professional duties. I always enjoyed it, and found it challenging and interesting. As the author of the Tierra del Oro series, you must have spent a lot of time doing research. By the way, I am still enjoying the series.

      • While amassing reference books, I came to the conclusion that I could never read all of them, but quickly realized that I didn’t need to–following the characters’ leads, I consulted the accounts as need for details came up. Have I mentioned that Gringo Rebel was the most thrilling find because it was an account of Obregón’s push down the west coast of Mexico to the capital–and my rebels had joined Obregón (twice!) almost from the start. I’d welcome an email giving me feedback on your journey through Tierra del Oro.

      • I will get back to you with the feedback about Tierra del Oro. I will send it to you after I read the next volume. I thoroughly enjoy reading the series.

      • I look forward to hearing from you. And it’s helpful to know what you don’t like as well as what you do. *smile*

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