This vintage postcard features the New York Military Academy (NYMA). Donald Trump is the most famous  alumni of the school though many other “big names” are alumni. Trump was there for five years starting the fall of 1959. It is reported widely that his father sent him there while he was in the seventh grade because he needed a more disciplined and focused setting than the Queens, N.Y. private school he was then attending. NYMA was a college preparatory school located in the rural town of Cornwall, New York (60 miles north of New York City). The school  was one of the oldest military schools in the United States. In 2015, the school filed for bankruptcy protection. It was later bought by a Chinese owned foundation. This divided back postcard is from circa 1909. It was published by the Hugh C. Leighton Company of Portland, Maine. The firm predominately published postcards of New England. They printed some cards in Maine but most, like this one, were manufactured in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1909, the firm merged with Valentine and Sons. (SOLD)


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