This vintage real photo postcard features German actress, Emily “Emmy” Wehlen (1887-1977). She was a Edwardian musical comedy and silent film actress. She retired from acting at a young age (early 30’s), Wehlen received her musical training at the Mannheim Conservatory. She then joined the Thalia-Theatre and performed in musical comedies in several German cities. She was then invited to London and was considered as a possible successor to Lily Elsie. Wehlen played the lead role in “The Merry Widow” (1909). Later that year she appeared in the hit musical “The Dollar Princess” which ran for 428 performances. Next stop was New York, where she appeared in four Broadway plays between 1911 and 1915. Shortly after her last Broadway appearance, Wehlen left the stage and pursued a film career.  She appeared in over twenty films between 1915 and 1920. “Everybody’s Magazine (1911) reported that Wehlen was very pretty and very graceful. Her acting and voice were also praised. In addition, the article stated that “she has the indescribable charm of personality” and that audiences liked her and wanted her to never leave the stage during a production. Miss Wehlen’s photograph on this postcard was taken by celebrity studio, Foulsham & Banfield. The card was published by Rotary Photo as part of a series (no.11717H). (SOLD)


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