This vintage real photo postcard features the beautiful French theatre actress, Yvonne Garrick (1878-?). She performed at the “Theatre de L’Odeon”  and the “Comedie-Francaise” in Paris. During the World War I years, she appeared at the “Theatre Francais” in New York City. The IDBD reports that she performed on Broadway in two productions;  “Lets Go” (1918) and “Musk” (1920). The magazine, “Sketch: A Journal of Art and Actuality” (1902) published a glowing article about Mlle. Garrick. The writer stated that no artist had made such a “positive hurricane progress” in the French theatrical world as Yvonne Garrick of the O’Deon.  The critic also stated that he had recently seen Garrick in a play and her performance reminded him of the early days of Sarah Bernhardt. Although the writer admits that she may not be the second coming of Mlle. Bernhardt; he believes that Garrick will make a world wide reputation. He continues to write that he has seen no young actress so “natural and so “sympathetic”.  The New York Times (1908) published a review for the play “Jeanne Qui Rit” in which Mlle. Garrick played a starring role. The article states that Yvonne Garrick was a young actress who has attracted much attention at the Comedy-Francaise. She was reported to have received a hearty reception and was “repeatedly recalled” (cheered for an encore). A New York Times (1918) article records Mlle. Garrick’s debut in a New York farcical comedy “Mon Ami Teddy”. In the piece she is described as a “comely and charming actress who proves a most welcome recruit from the Paris stage”. This real photo postcard provides a portrait of Mlle. Garrick during the time she was appearing at the Comedie-Francaise.  The photograph was taken by Henri Manuel (1874-1947). In 1900, Manuel opened a portrait studio in Paris with his brother Gaston. He quickly became renowned for his portraits of politicians, artists, and athletes. His images were used by news agencies . His studio became the largest studio in Paris and it attracted many young photographers who sharpened their skills there. In 1925 the brothers expended their business to include fashion photography. They worked for such designers as Chanel, Patou, and Lanvin. The studio shut down during World War II and many of their photographic plates were destroyed. Manuel was the official photographer for the French government from 1914 through 1944. To view other photographs by Manuel, click on the category “Photographer: Manuel”. This portrait postcard is in very good condition (see scans).


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