This lovely vintage real photo postcard features Spanish dancer and pantomimist, Rosario Guerrero (1880-1960). She was an international star who is most associated with the role of “Carmen”. She was not a singer. Instead, she performed in the ballet version of the opera. This performance occurred in 1903 at the Alhambra Theatre in London. In 1903 and 1904, she performed in New York. She had been brought to New York City by Florenz Ziegfeld. In 1905 she returned to the stage in London. It was reported that she had a breakdown from “excessive dancing” and was hospitalized in Vienna, Austria (1906). After that episode, she performed in US cities including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Indianapolis. She owned an estate in France. Guerrero was noted to be quite beautiful. She modelled for well known artists of the day. Her sister, Enriqueta was also a dancer, and she performed in London in the 1900’s. When compared to Spanish dancer, Otero, Guerrero is considered a purer Spanish dancer. Otero’s spanish dancing was alongside her exotic dances. Otero’s fame also came from being a courtesan. However, Guerrero is said to have had an affair with King Leopold of Belgium. One article reports that he gave her over a million dollars worth of jewels. It is interesting to note that King Leopold also had a dalliance with Otero. A brief biographical article reports that Guerrero’s dancing career appears to have ended in 1912. This postcard was published by Rotophot (RPH) as part of a series (2209/3). The company was based in Berlin, Germany. (SOLD)

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