An older couple poses for their portrait in the studio of Filson an Sons in Steubenville, Ohio. The senior partner in the Filson studio was Davison Filson (1829-1899). He was a plain and ornamental painter and photographer. He was born in Pennsylvania and was of Irish descent. He settled in Steubenville in 1851. He worked as a master painter and bookseller before taking up photography in about 1863. In 1867 and in 1881, he made visits to the Far West where he did much outdoor photography. He was renowned locally for an exhibit he presented which was a montage of portraits of 12,223 deceased local residents and distinguished visitors (1897). Filson’s son was Charles P. Filson (1860-?). He was a sculptor, photographer and a portrait, landscape, and still life artist. He used crayon, ink, watercolor, and oils. He joined his father’s studio as a photographer in about 1879. He moved to La Jolla, California in 1937. Among his better known portrait subjects were civil war notables, Edward Stanton and Colonel George McCook. Daavison Filter also had a daughter that was a noted artist. Anna Filson (1857-?) was an artist active in Steubenville. To view other photographs by Filson, click on the category “Photographer: Filson”.


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