This cabinet card features a portrait of a young child wearing fancy clothing. Note the large bow tie and the sash with tassels that serves as a belt. The photographer of this photograph is E. C. Nickerson. His studio was located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He is no stranger to the Cabinet Card Gallery. You may view more of his photographs by clicking on the category “Photographer: Nickerson”. Among his photographs are portraits of firemen. Nickerson’s name is listed in a number of Portsmouth directories from 1888 through 1892.   (SOLD)

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This Cabinet Card captures the image of a young fireman in Steamer Company #4 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He is wearing his dress uniform as he poses in the photographic studio of E. C. Nickerson located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The badge on his cap discloses that he is a member of steamer company #4. The first steam fire engine was built in England by Braithwaite and Ericsson in 1829. Captain Ericsson came to the United States where he produced the Civil War  ironclad, the Monitor.  In 1840, the first steam fire engine was produced in the United States. An improved and successful steamer in the United States was designed in 1852. The steamer fire engine could produce as many as six separate streams of water. The Cabinet Card Gallery’s category of “Firemen and Policemen” has a portrait of a second member of the Portsmouth Fire Department. Check it out. To view a another photograph by Nickerson, click on the category “Photographer: Nickerson”.

Fireman in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

firemanportsmouthAn intense looking  fireman poses for his cabinet card photograph in the studio of photographer E. Nickerson in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Take note that the Cabinet Card Gallery has a second cabinet card image of a fireman photographed by Nickerson. Check it out under the category of “Firemen and Policemen” or “Photographer: Nickerson”.