This vintage animated postcard features a view of New York City’s Chinatown. a street sign reveals that one of the streets seen in this pedestrian filled corner is Pell Street. Pell Street remains part of NYC’s Chinatown today. Note the placards on the walls of one of the buildings. The Grand Central Station postmark reveals that the card was mailed in 1917. The postcard was published by the Detroit Publishing Company of Detroit, Michigan. The company printed postcards from 1898 through 1932. This card is a member of the company’s “Phostint” series. The Detroit Publishing Company began producing “Phostint” cards in 1903. “Phostint” was the trade name for the company’s photochrom process. Mac, the sender of this postcard, writes that he visited Chinatown and it was “Some Place”. He underlined “some place”; I guess he really meant it. (SOLD)