This cabinet card is a portrait of a pretty woman in Franzensbad, Czechoslovakia. The woman is well dressed and her dress includes a high lace collar, lace sleeves and features a ribbon around her waist. Printed on the reverse of the cabinet card is the name “Bernard Wachtl”.  Wachtl was an Austrian lithographer whose printing firm was located in Vienna. He was active mainly in the latter half of the 19th century. He designed and printed the logos of photographic studios that were printed on the verso of cabinet cards. To view other work by Wachtl, click on the category of Lithographer: Bernard Wachtl) The photographer of this image is F. Hahnisch.   SOLD





This cabinet card portrait features a lovely young Serbian couple. The pair are very well dressed. The young man is wearing a pocket watch and a wedding ring on his left hand. Perhaps this image is a wedding portrait. The young woman is wearing a traditional dress and lots of lace. She is holding something in her right hand that I am guessing is a hat.  The couple looks very young and very innocent. The reverse of the cabinet card has the stamp of Bernhard Wachtl, an Austrian lithographer whose printing firm was located in Vienna, Austria. He designed and printed logos of photographic studios during the cabinet card era. His clients included photo studios located throughout most of the world.


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Calcutta, India is the location at which this cabinet card photograph was taken. The studio of Johnston and Hoffmann were the photographers. The reverse of the card has the stamp of Austrian lithographer, Bernard Wachtl of Vienna. Calcutta is the current capitol of the Indian state of West Bengal located in eastern India. However, at the time of this photograph and until 1911, during the British Raj (colonial rule), Calcutta was the capitol of India. It would be interesting to know why this gentleman was in India and something about his identity, but this information has been lost over time. Research reveals some information about the photographers. Theodore Julius Hoffmann and P. A. Johnston established a commercial photography studio in Calcutta (1882) and Darjeeling (1890). Their studio is considered to be the second largest commercial photography studio in India in that period. Many of their images were of North and Northeast India as well as Sikkim and Nepal. To view other cabinet cards from India, click on the category “India”. To view other works by Bernard Wachtl, click on the category “Lithographers: Bernard Wachtl”.