This Cabinet card features a pretty young woman posing for her portrait in Cleveland, Ohio. The Kitzsteiner & Noville studio produced this photograph. Paul Kitzsteiner (1854-1923) operated a studio in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania (date unknown) and was active in Cleveland, Ohio, from the  1870’s until 1889. There is an article about a Paul Kitzsteiner in Abels Photographic Weekly (1912). The magazine reports that he was working for Artex Photo Paper Company of Cleveland, Ohio and that he “has done yeoman service in the interests of photographers”. The writer also asserts that “Kitz” has travelled and demonstrated for photographers and printers, since 1870. Perhaps Kitzsteiner left the photographic studio business to pursue work as a photographic supply salesman. The 1900 census reveals that Kitzsteiner was of German descent and his wife’s name was Rosamund (born 1859). He had two daughters, Manda (age 15), and Edna (age 12). In addition to his family, he lived with his mother-in-law  and father-in-law (Ellen and Sam Searse), his dentist brother (Richard), and a boarder. One hopes that Kitzsteiner had a big house to accommodate such a crowd. Kitzsteiner’s partner, Otto Noville, doesn’t seem to have left much of a legacy in the field of photography; no information about his career was gleaned from research. However, he may have left a very large legacy in the field of aviation and exploration. Why the tentativeness concerning his legacy? The reason is that there was an Otto Noville as well as a Otto J. Noville living in Cleveland. One of the Noville’s was the father of George Otto Noville, a pioneer in polar and transatlantic aviation in the 1920’s. He was also a winner of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Among his many accomplishments was his service with Commander Richard Byrd on his historic flight to the North Pole. Otto J. Noville (1872-?) is listed in the 1900 United States Census along with his wife Nellie (1872-?). His occupation is listed as “Salesman-Notions”. In fact, he was a hat manufacturer. Maybe his career as a photographer hadn’t yet started,  or had already ended. The most likely scenario is that Otto J. Noville is the father of George Otto Noville, and Otto Noville, is the photographic artist. This cabinet card portrait is in excellent condition (see scans).


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