This vintage cabinet card photograph features a couple holding hands and posing for a photographer. Their style of clothing leads me to believe that they are Mennonites. The photographer of this photo is W. H. Farley. He operated photographic studios in Crete, Tampico, and Gibson, Illinois during the 1880’s. The cabinet card gallery has several photos by Farley. One of these images also is of a Mennonite couple. To see Farley’s other photos, place his name in the search box.   (SOLD)

mennonite 2




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dark beard

This cabinet card portrait features a man with a long wiry dark beard. His beard and thick mustache completely hide his mouth. This is an interesting style of beard. Most of his face and jaw line are clean shaven and his whiskers appear to be confined to his chin and upper lip. The photographer’s last name (Farley) appears on the reverse of the cabinet card but his location is not mentioned. The identity of this photographer is most likely W. H. Farley. He operated photo studios in a number of small towns in Illinois.

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This cabinet card features a portrait of a young Mennonite couple. Note the couples plain style of dress, the young man’s beard, and the woman’s bonnet.  The reverse of the photograph has an inscription noting that the couple’s name is “Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Wagner”. An additional note on the verso states “return to Ida Buckingham, Oakley, Illinois”. Ida Buckingham (1886-1964) was likely a relative of the pictured couple and possessed the photograph during some period of her life. The photographer of this image is W. H. Farley. He operated photographic studios in Crete, Tampico, and Gibson, Illinois during the 1880’s. To view more of his photographs, click on the category “Photographer: Farley”.   SOLD



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This cabinet card photograph features a very cute baby wearing a gown and sweater. She has beautiful big eyes According to an inscription on the reverse of the image, the baby is named  Atalie Jean Crum and she was five months and two days old, at the time the photograph was taken. Atalie Crum can be found on both the 1900 and 1910 U.S. census. She was born in 1890 and resided in Penn, Illinois. She lived with her parents, Brooke W. Crum, and Laura V. Crum. Both of her parents were born in Pennsylvania and her father was a farmer. The 1910 census reveals that at age twenty, Atalie was employed as a school teacher. A 1913 publication from the Illinois Office of Public Instruction, states that Atalie taught school in Stark County, Illinois (District 53). At an unknown age, she married Claude Sterling, a local farmer. An obituary in the Peoria Star (1936), reports the death of John Wesley Crandell. He died at the age of 78 in Castleton, Illinois. He was his community’s last surviving civil war veteran. A male quartet sang at the funeral and they were accompanied by a Mrs Atalie Sterling at the piano. This is likely the Atalie Sterling in the photograph. Atalie lived a long life, dying in 1969 at age eighty in Wyoming, Illinois. The photographer of this cabinet card is difficult to identify with any certainty. There was a photographer named W. H. Farley who operated in Crete and Gibson Illinois in the 1880’s. A photographer named A. Farley also had a studio in Illinois. Research uncovered another cabinet card with the same Farley logo as this cabinet card. The card was from a studio located in Tampico, Illinois. Tampico is the likely place that Atalie Crum was photographed.


This Cabinet Card is a portrait of a young woman sitting on a swing. The props and background of this photograph are exquisite. The woman is beautifully dressed. Hopefully a visitor can explain what she is wearing around her neck. It looks like a kerchief but it is clearly something more complicated. The photographer is Farley and the location of the studio is somewhere in Illinois. To view other photographs by this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Farley”.

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