This vintage real photo postcard exudes a form of patriotism that is seldom seen today. The AZO stamp box indicates that this photo was taken sometime between 1918 and 1930. This was an era when it was relatively common for individuals to include flags when having their picture taken. We tend to see a resurgence of exhibiting American flags for short stints during the time of national threat or crisis (ie 9/11). When people chose to pose with flags during the 1910’s and 1920’s, it wasn’t to tout a particular cause. They were just expressing their love and fidelity toward their country. Not to get political, but….., wearing a MAGA cap or donating to a liberal or conservative cause, does not make one “patriotic”. Patriotism is one’s love, support and defense of one’s country, not one’s cause. I apologize for the rant. There is faint writing in pencil on the reverse of this postcard. The text states “With love from Mr. and Mrs. Chester McCrumb (?), To our sister Mrs. Jennie Hubbard”. This photo postcard has excellent clarity and is in good condition (See Scans and note bottom right of image).

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This cabinet card portrait features a lovely couple posing for their portrait at the Philadelphia Gallery in San Francisco, California. The gentleman is wearing a three piece suit and a pocket watch. He has a handsome mustache and is holding a walking stick. The woman is well dressed. She is wearing a collar pin and earrings. She is holding a small bouquet of flowers. This cabinet card has great clarity and is in very good condition.

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This cabinet card features a lovely couple posing for their portrait at a studio in Andrinople, Turkey. The pair are attractive and well dressed. The gentleman has a handlebar mustache. Is this couple of Armenian origin? It would be so interesting to know more about this couple, but that is an impossibility. The name of the photographer who photographed this image is L. Nicolaou. Preliminary research revealed that the name “Nicolaou” is a surname that can be found in multiple cultures and languages (including Portuguese and Romanian). In addition, the name is also found in Cyprus. This information indicates that the photographer was probably from Bulgaria, Greece or Cyprus; but operating his studio in Turkey. The city of Andrinople is also known by other names, including Edirne (Greek). The city is located in northwestern Turkey, and close to Turkey’s borders with Greece and Bulgaria. Edirne was once the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. In 1928, Edirne replaced Adrianople as the name of the city. Edirne has been the site of numerous battles through history. Some consider Edirne to be the most frequently contested location in the world. A battle that occurred near the time that this photograph was taken is “The Siege of Adrianople” (1912-1913) which was a battle fought during the First Balkan War. An article in Wikipedia states that in 1905, the city had 80,000 inhabitants comprised of 30,000 Turks, 22,000 Greeks, 12,000 Jews, 10,000 Bulgarians, 4,000 Armenians, and 2,000 people of unknown origin.



This cabinet card portrait features a portrait of a lovely couple by the Biel studio in Terre Haute, Indiana. The woman in this image is sitting while the gentleman is standing behind her. Cabinet photographs of couples may have only the woman sitting, or only the man sitting. I wonder how it was decided who gets to sit in the chair in the typical couple’s photograph. It is my guess that the ultimate decision is made by the photographer and it is based on creating the pose that photographs best. I imagine that the height of the man and woman being photographed is an important factor in such decisions. The photographer who took this photograph is Henry T. Biel (1855-1929). Biel’s parents were Prussian immigrants. He was married to Francinea E.Fundy in 1879. Biel was listed as a photographer in both the 1880 and 1910 US census. Biel began his photography career at the ripe old age of fifteen. At that age, he became under the tutelage of G. H. Wright, a photographer in Terre Haute. He struck out on his own  in 1886 after purchasing the John Adams studio. In time, he became a fixture in the city of Terre Haute as a photographer. In researching Mr. Biel’s background, I began to wonder what the words “Terre Haute” mean. I found the answer to be that Terre Haute was derived from the French term for “Highland”. The name likely was created by early 18th century French explorers who were noting the area’s unusual location above the Wabash River.

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This cabinet card features a well dressed couple posing for their portrait at the Hayden studio in Lowell, Massachusetts. The gentleman has wonderful mutton chops with a connecting mustache. The photographer of this photograph is Marshall M. Hayden (1847-1928). He operated a studio in Lowell between 1867 and 1900, according to one Massachusetts historical site. However, my preliminary research found that he actually is listed as a photographer in the 1880 through 1920 US census. Interestingly, he was also listed in the 1926 Lowell business directory as a photographer (he was 79 years old). Earlier in his career he worked as a bread deliveryman (1870 US Census). Hayden was a veteran of the Civil War. He served in Company H of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry. He served nine months in 1862 and 1863. He was a private and a musician.


A lovely couple poses for their portrait at an unknown studio. This well dressed and attractive couple are flashing wonderful smiles. The woman is dressed for winter. She is wearing boots and a long coat with a fur collar. The “AZO” stamp box indicates that this real photo postcard portrait was taken sometime between 1918 and 1930.

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This vintage real photo postcard features a couple in a rowboat. This romantic rowboat cruise is likely taking place in the photographer’s studio. Interestingly, the young lady is looking at the photographer while the the rowboat captain is staring at his pretty first mate. The “Cyko” stamp box on this postcard indicates that it was published sometime between 1904 and 1920.

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This carte de visite portrait captures a very attractive and well dressed couple. They are also well-coiffed. The previous owner of this cdv reported that the photograph is of French origin. However there is no evidence on the photograph that confirms that claim.


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This is one of those vintage real photo postcards that one stumbles upon and is compelled to learn more about. The postcard is a wonderful find. The photograph shows a young couple driving a 1920’s (?) car past “Balanced Rock” in the Garden of the Gods. The popular tourist location is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1859, two surveyors who were instrumental in setting up Colorado City, explored the area and one of them decided that it would be a great place for a “beer garden”.  The second surveyor responded to the suggestion stating it would be better to call it “Garden of the Gods” because it was “a fit place for the Gods to assemble”. Many Native American tribes are connected to this area including the Apache, Cheyenne, Comanche, Utes, and Pawnee people. The Garden of the Gods became a National Natural Landmark in 1971. This postcard does an excellent job of providing a portrait of the “Balanced Rock”. The natural geological formation is put in even better perspective by photographing an open car in front of it’s precarious pose. The viewer holds their breath hoping that the auto and it’s two occupants pass by safely. Note that there is a pennant hanging on the side of the car. Printed on the pennant is “Kansas City”, which is likely the home of the lovely couple in the convertible. This postcard was produced by the Paul Goerke studio in Manitou, Colorado. It is printed on Artura paper and was produced between 1908 and 1924 (presumably sometime toward the end of this span). The story of photographer Paul Goerke is quite interesting. In the 1890’s, Goerke purchased the land around Balanced Rock. Goerke and his son, Curt, took photographs of tourists by the rock and sold them for 25 cents apiece. At the beginning of Goerke’s business there was no charge to view Balanced Rock. They made their money by charging for the portraits. Among the props supplied by Goerke, were burros. As personal cameras became readily available, Goerke needed to change his business concept. Curt Goerke built a wooden fence around Balanced Rock and began charging 25 cents admission. He also operated a lunch counter adjacent to nearby “Steamboat Rock” and created picnic areas for the thousand of visitors who came each summer. In 1932 the city of Colorado Springs purchased The Goerke property and tore down the fence.


Modern Photo Postcard of Balanced Rock


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Some couple look like they belong together and the pair in this snapshot are one of those couples. This is a handsome couple. They are posing in their bathing suits in front of a quaint beach house. She is wearing a pioneering bikini and he is wearing an unbuttoned casual shirt displaying part of his bare chest. She is holding a swimming cap. In the background you can see the boardwalk that is between the house and the beach. One can also observe the beach vegetation. In addition, there appears to be beach chairs, or some kind of rack, close behind this romantic couple. The scene reminds me of the beach houses on Fire Island, though this photograph could have been taken at many beach communities along the US east or west coast. This snapshot likely dates back to the 1930’s or 1940’s.

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