Young Black Woman in Saratoga Springs, New York


This attractive young African American woman poses for her portrait at the studio of N. G. Brown in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Benjamin Wade: American Civil War Senator and Anti Slavery Figure (Photographed by Matthew Brady)

ben-wadeBenjamin Wade (1800-1878)) was born in Massachusetts. He worked as a laborer on the Erie Canal, taught school and then studied and practiced law in Ohio. As a member of the Whig Party he was elected to the Ohio State Senate and served two terms. He later became an Ohio court judge. Wade joined the Republican Party and in 1851 was elected to the US Senate. He became a Radical Republican along with Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner. He fouhgt against the Fugitive Slave Act and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. He was very radical and supported women suffrage, trade union rights and equality for African Americans. In 1861 as chairman of the Committee on Territories he witnessed the defeat of the Union Army at the First Bull Run and was nearly captured by the confederates. During the American Civil War, Wade was extremely critical of Lincoln. After the war he pushed for African American units in the Regular Army. He was also instrumental in the impeachment of American President Andrew Johnson. Wade was considered by some as a good choice for Ulysses S Grant’s running mate but Grant refused. This cabinet card is from Matthew Brady’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C..

Two Cute Kids Posing in Gnesen, (Prussia?)

adorable-kidsTwo adorable kids (most likely siblings) pose in this Cabinet card photograph. The close-up of the baby is terrific and is an unusual pose for photographs of this era. Most babies I have seen in Cabinet cards are photographed from more of a distance. The photograper is Make of Gnesen. My research leaves me uncertain of whether Gnesen was part of Prussia or Germany at the time of this photograph. Please comment if you have information about what nation Gnesen was part of  in the late 1800’s.  Gnesen is currently part of Poland.

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Interesting Beard in New York City


This bearded man has met the criteria to enter the  Beard Category (only the best). He was photographed by J. R. Feeley of New York City.

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Alice Evans: Stage Beauty


Alice Evans was a theatrical star and her beauty is apparent in this Cabinet card by celebrity photographer Falk of New York City. Further research is required to find biographical information concerning this lovely actress.

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Adorable Siblings in Beuthen, Germany


These two siblings are just adorable as they pose in the Germania Studio in Beuthen, Germany.  Unlike many children seen in Cabinet Cards, these kids appear very relaxed and in good humor. The boy is cute in his sailor suit and the girl is holding a toy ball. The city of Beuthen is now called Bytom and is in southern Poland. Beuthen became part of Prussia in 1742 and part of the German empire in 1871.  Beuthen was transferred to Poland in 1945.

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Handsome African American Gentleman


This well dressed and handsome African American young man smiles for the camera at the studio of B F Ogden and Sons. Mr Ogden appears to be quite the entrepreneur with three studios in Massachusetts (Springfield, Holyoke and Pittsfield) and two studios in New York (Albany and Troy).

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Bernard Roelker: Esteemed Lawyer and Friend of Longfellow


Bernard Roelker (1816-1888)) led an active life in Literature and Law. He attended the University of Bonn on the Rhine where he studied law. He came to the United States in the late 1830’s. He settled in Bridgeport, Connecticut and privately taught German and Music. He then went to Harvard and became friends with Henry Longfellow who was a professor there. Roelker  became friends with a number of  literary luminaries.  He taught at Harvard and renewed his study of the law. He then practiced law in Boston and later moved to New York City where he started the law firm of Laur and Roelker. He built a large practice, especially among the Germans of the city. He was expert at wills and contracts. He argued an important case, Meyer vs Roosevelt, in front of the United States Supreme Court in 1863. It was the first legal tender case heard before the court and Roelker won the decision. Roelker and his friend Samuel Tilden organized the Prairie du Chien Railroad in Wisconsin. Tilden ran for President in 1876. Roelker never married. The photographer of this Cabinet card portrait is the famous photographer Sarony of New York City. The photograph is dated November, 1879.

Exquisite Black Woman in Cincinnati, Ohio


This Cabinet card is a portrait of an exquisite African American woman. She is wearing an interesting outfit and a nice broach pin. The photographer is Randolph (Ralph) Bellsmith (1857-1910) of Cincinnati, Ohio. Bellsmith was born in England and immigrated to the United States in 1867. He took photographic portraits of many of the leading citizens of the Cincinnati general area. He was the President of the Photographic Association of Ohio and won a first place prize for his exhibit at the Chicago World Exposition in 1893. To view other photographs by this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Bellsmith”.

Adorable Brother and Sister Pose in Cincinnati, Ohio


Cabinet Card image  of adorable siblings posing for their portrait. The photographer is Howland of Cincinnati, Ohio. Charles W Howland (1839-?) was an active photographer in Cincinnati between 1862 and 1889. His son, Edwin A Howland (1863-?) worked with his father and was a Cincinnati photographer between 1880 and 1900. It is unknown which of the two men took this photograph.

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