This cabinet card captures three fashionable adults engaging in nonsensical behavior. It is difficult to assess what is happening in this photograph. Perhaps the threesome are actors in a play. The woman on the left appears to be wearing two purses, both have long leather straps. The woman on the right also seems to have a long leather strap hanging from her shoulders. What is the purpose of these leather straps?  Hopefully, a visitor to this site will have the answer, or at least, a hypothesis. The photographer of this photograph was Richard Brand of Mittweida, Germany. It appears that Mr. Brand could have taken a better picture if he positioned himself closer to the subjects. Such a photographic strategy would have eliminated his photographing  the edge of the floor mat in this photograph. This photograph was certainly not an image that Richard Brand could proudly exhibit. To view other images by this photographer, click on the category “Photographer: Richard Brand”.

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