An Intense Family Poses for a Portrait

threesomeA family poses for their portrait at the photographic studio of Lundelius  & Masterson in Port Jervis, New York. This family looks quite intense; maybe even in shock. They look like they just found out they had their entire savings invested with Bernie Madoff. Oops, wrong time period.

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Stylishly Dressed African American Man in St. Louis, Missouri


This Cabinet card offers a very clear and detailed image of a young Black man who is very nicely dressed. He posed for this photograph at the studio of Genelli in St. Louis, Missouri. To learn more about this studio and to view other photographs produced by Genelli, click on the category “Photographer: Genelli”.

Adorable Boy Posing in his Winter Clothing in Newton, Massachusetts


This Cabinet Card is a photograph of an adorable young boy posing in his winter jacket and hat at a photographers studio in Newton, Massachusetts. The photographers name is a bit difficult to read but it appears to be Seaver. This wide eyed smiling child appears to be winterized and ready to take on a cold New England winter.

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black-cowboysThis Cabinet card pictures, what appears to be, two Native American or possibly African American cowboys wearing their cow punching clothing. The cowboy on the left is wearing a western hat, a neckerchief, and  wooly chaps. I do not know what he wearing over his lower arms and wrists. The cowboy on the right has his western hat, neckerchief, and is wearing spurs on his boots. The photographer is Elliott of Marion, Iowa. Marion was established in 1839 and named after popular figure General Marion. The courthouse in Marion was the location of the recruitment of nine full companies which fought for the Union in the Civil War. The area was known as the most patriotic part of Iowa.


tictactoeThis little girl is posing for the photographer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The photographer is Wood and the date on the front of the card indicates that the photograph was taken in 1890. This cute but serious little girl is wearing a dress with a tic tac toe design pattern. I think tic tacky toe is a better description but I do wonder if in the 1890’s someone besides this girl’s mother thought the dress was cute. Incidentally, the game of tic tac toe has been around for centuries. To view other photographs by Wood, click on the category “Photographer: Wood”.

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Beautiful Opera Star: Emma Abbott (1850-1891)

abbottEmma Abbott was an American opera star and impresario. She began performing as a child and was encouraged by Clara Louise Kellogg to pursue an operatic career. She studied in New York, Milan and Paris and later worked at the Royal Opera in London. In a different company, she had her  contract cancelled for refusing to perform in Verdi’s La Traviata on moral grounds. She had her American debut in 1877 and in 1878 founded her own opera company which received great public tribute but did not impress many opera critics. She died suddenly at around 40 years of age from pneumonia. This cabinet card was photographed by the celebrated photographer Joses Mora.

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Fireman in Denver, Colorado

denver-fireman2This very clear image of a uniformed fireman was photographed by the studio of Mc Donald & Co of Denver, Colorado.

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African American Baby in Erie, Pennsylvania (1895)

aframercnbabyThis Cabinet card of an African American baby (girl?) is a rare find. In my many years of collecting Cabinet cards I have seen few photographic portraits of Black babies. This photograph is from the studio of Pfaff in Erie, Pennsylvania. The reverse of the card indicates the photograph was taken in 1895 when the infant was 13 weeks. The parents were Mr and Mrs Austin Mont. of  Erie, Pennsylvania.

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Military Sharpshooter in Bangor, Maine

sharpshooterThis Cabinet Card subject is a military sharpshooter photographed by Heath of Bangor, Maine. The soldier is wearing medals including one that names him as a sharpshooter. The other medals include one representing Sons of Union Veterans. He also appears to be wearing Medical Maltese Crosses on his collar. Any information from readers of this blog about the type of medals this soldier is wearing, would be greatly appreciated.

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Two Hunters and their Rifles and Dogs (1887)

huntersThis terrific Cabinet card image shows two Hunters and their three hunting dogs. Both gentleman are wearing boots and are holding rifles. This studio photograph was produced by Walter of Rochester, New York. Notation on the reverse of the card identifies the hunters and is dated 1887. To view other photographs by the Walter studio, click on the category “Photographer: Walter”.

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