carpathian 1 This vintage real photo postcard features a Carpathian man seated on a fence, somewhere in the Ukraine. The gentleman appears contemplative and has a most captivating  face. My impression is that he has seen a lot of hardship in his lifetime. The Carpathian region is a historic area in the border between Central and Eastern Europe. Most of the region is located in Ukraine’s Zakarpattia Oblast. Smaller parts of the Carpathian territory are in Poland and Slovakia. Before World War I most of this region was part of Hungary. After the war it became part of Czechoslovakia. The people of the Carpathian area are ethnically diverse. They are primarily Ukraninian, Rusyn, Lemko, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Russian. This vintage real photo postcard is in excellent condition (see scans).

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carpathian 2

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The three men posing for this portrait have an intriguing appearance. Who are these guys? What do they do for a living? They look like “tough guys”. The men are well dressed and are wearing terrific hats with brims folded in strategic places. All three men have neat mustaches and the fellow on the left is wearing wire rim glasses. The photo studio was named Kordyan and the studio was located in Lwow, Poland. In 1945, Lwow became part of the Ukraine and was called Lvov. In 1991, after Ukraine’s independence, the city was renamed Lviv. Research reveals that the studio Kordyan was opened on the 5th floor in a building now housing the “Old City Hostel”. The gallery existed in the building until 1914 and was owned by Bethold Feyershtayn. The address is currently known as 3 Klinskoho Street.

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