This vintage real photo postcard features Comtesse Mathieu de Noailles (1876-1933). She was a Romanian French writer, poet, and socialist feminist. Her birth name was “Princess Anna Elixabeth Bibesco-Bassaraba de Brancovan”. Her father was a prince and her Greek mother was a musician. In 1897 she married the son of the 7th Duke de Noailles. The pair became very popular in Parisian high society. Anna de Noailles wrote three novels, many collections of poetry, and an autobiography. Her first work was published in 1901. She was a part of the elite group of intellectuals, artists, and authors of her place and time. A New York Times article from 1929 reported that she was one of the finest poets in France. Anna was a very popular woman and a number of great artists painted her portrait. Auguste Rodin sculped her image in 1906 and the sculpted bust resides in the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York City. Anna won many literary awards during her career. This postcard was published by Alfred Noyer. Anna’s photo portrait was taken by the esteemed photographer, Henri Manuel (1874-1947). Manuel opened a portrait studio in Paris in 1900. Manuel specialized in portraits and photographed many celebrities from the world of sports, theater, art, and politics. He was also the official photographer of the French government for 30 years. This postcard was produced in France.  Note the light blue mark near the top right hand corner of the card. The postcard is in overall Good Condition (see scans). The photograph seen on this postcard was used as a cover photo for a biography of Anna Noailles. This particular photo is uncommon or rare. 


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Sam Foss: American Poet

sam foss_0005This Cabinet Card was found with 76 other Cabinet Card photographs in an album of members of the class of 1882 at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. It is believed that this image was taken in 1878. The subject of this photo is Sam Foss who was born in New Hampshire. After graduation from Brown he became a librarian and poet. His works include  The House by the Side of the Road and The Coming American. In 1898 he became the librarian at the Somerville Public Library in Massachusetts. He wrote a poem a day for then newspapers and published five volumes of collected poetry. Until 2003, his words were on the granite wall at the Air Force Academy. He wrote “Bring me men to match my mountains, Bring me men to match my plains, Men with empires in their purpose, And new Eras in their brains” (from Coming American 1894) The photographic studio that produced this Cabinet Card is Hambly and Shoal in Providence, Rhode Island.