This cabinet card is an image of two young siblings at play. The mischievous girl is standing on a chair and is draping a lace article over her brothers head as he looks into a stereoscope. In fact, the viewer may not be a stereoscope because only one eye piece is evident in the photograph and the image behind the viewer appear to be too small to be a stereoscopic card. Hopefully a visitor to this site can provide more confident and more  accurate identification information concerning the viewer that the boy is holding. Be sure to note the wonderful clock located behind the children. The photograph is dated 1889 and was produced by William Mills & Son of Providence & Olneyville, Rhode Island. This image does not have good clarity, but the activities and objects presented in the photograph, make it worth viewing. Research revealed little about the photographer, but a photograph by this studio appeared in National Magazine (1908). The image showed a wagon full of barrels of oysters, being loaded onto a freight car that was going to take them from Providence to the west for distribution. To see other photographs by this studio, click on Cabinet Card Gallery’s category “Photographer: Mills”.

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