This cabinet card portrait of a fashionable and attractive young woman is by photographer S. Weitzmann of Vienna, Austria. The image is quite stark because no props are used in the photograph. However, the lighting in the photograph creates an interesting striped effect on the wall behind the subject. The subject is unidentified. She is wearing a loose fitting dress that has a pin on it’s neckline and she is wearing a bracelet and ring. The reverse of the photograph has printing which repeats the address of the photographers studio and also lists a phone number. Research did not reveal when phone service was introduced to Vienna but did discover that international phone service between Vienna and Berlin was introduced in 1894. The date of this photograph remains unknown. To learn about S. Weitzmann and to view more of his photographs, click on the category “Photographer: Weitzmann”. This cabinet card photograph is in very good condition (see scans). 

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VIENNA WEDDING_0002The Cabinet Card Gallery is appreciative of the talent of Austrian photographer S. Weitzmann and the site is developing a nice collection of his work. To view other images from Weitzmann’s Vienna studio, click on the category “Photographer: Weitzmann”. This photographic portrait captures a well dressed wedding couple. The bride is holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and the groom’s arm in the other hand. The groom is wearing a flower on his lapel and has a wonderful mustache. Note his top hat on the table beside him. He is holding a pair of white gloves and is wearing his newly acquired wedding band.


WEITZMAN VIENNA_0003This cabinet card photograph features an actress in an exotic Japanese costume. The photographer is S. Weitzmann whose studio was located in Vienna, Austria. Writing on the reverse of the image dates the photograph as being  produced in 1907 and advertising on the reverse states that the studio won medals in exhibitions in Paris, London, and Grand Prix in 1906. The woman in this image is wearing gloves and an interesting hat. She is also holding a fan. Weitzmann is mentioned in Hitler’s Silent Partners: Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, And The Pursuit Of Justice (2011). The book states that Weitzmann was the foremost portrait photographer in Vienna and worked for the Austrian Royal Court before its demise in 1918. To view other photographs by Weitzmann,click on the category “Photographer: Weitzmann”.

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