This carte de visite portrait features a pretty mother and her two adorable children. The older child, a boy, is wearing a nautical style outfit. The younger child, likely a girl, is wearing a necklace. The mother in this image is wearing a most interesting dress. The flower and large polka dot pattern is more “busy” than usually seen in photographs from this era. The photographer of this image is James Buchanan Aurig (1857-1935). He operated studios in Dresden, Germany. Aurig’s self portrait can be seen below. Aurig began working as a photographer at the age of 15 in Chemnitz. In 1878 he workied for photographer Johannes Schumacher in Dresden. He next worked with various Dresden photographers. He opened his first photographic studio in 1887. He photographed portraits, wedding photos, and current events. At the turn of the century he began to travel with his photographic equipment to the homes of famous Dresden residents to produce home portraits. He also was known for his architectural photographs. He was one of the most prominent photographers in Dresden at the turn of the century. One wonders if James Buchanon Aurig was named after the 15th US President, James Buchanan (1791-1868). Buchanan was the US President between 1857 and 1861. Aurig was born in 1857, the first year of Buchanan’s presidency. Based on the dates I just cited, it’s very likely the photographer was named after the President.   (SOLD)

Self Portrait of Photographer James B. Aurig

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