This vintage real photo postcard features two pretty young women enjoying a day at the beach. These bathing beauties are flashing wonderful smiles at the photographer. There is an abundance of interesting things to note in this image. Check out the bathing suits, sun umbrella, beach chairs, and the tents scattered around the beach. This color tinted postcard may have been considered risque during the era of it’s publication. This postcard was printed in England and published by the National Herald. The photographer is listed as “Underwood”. It is my hypothesis that this postcard was actually produced by the publishing company of Underwood & Underwood. This New York firm existed between 1882 and 1920. The company was founded by photographers Elmer and Burt Underwood in Ottawa, Kansas. The headquarters was moved to New York City in 1897. The firm grew and soon had offices in Toronto, Canada and London, England. Underwood & Underwood was known for publishing stereo-views, and in fact, they published nearly 40,000 titles. In 1910 they began to supply news photos for newspapers and postcard publishers. It appears that the image seen in this photo postcard was supplied by Underwood to the National Herald. Underwood & Underwood was sold to the Keystone View Company in 1921. This postcard is in excellent condition (see scans).