This vintage lithographic postcard features a Northwest Airlines Stratocruiser in flight. The stratocruiser, for it’s time was the fastest and most modern airliner. The plane was manufactured by Boeing and was a double-deck plane that held 75 passengers and had spiral stairways, lower deck lounges, and large dressing rooms. The plane was introduced in the late 1940’s. This postcard was issued by the airline.  (SOLD)

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This cabinet card image features an adorably dressed little boy giving his little sister a ride on the back of his tricycle. Note the children’s hats and the boy’s high top shoes. There is a wonderful view of the antique trike. John B. May, an Englishman, is the photographer of this portrait. The Wisconsin Photographer’s Index falsely reports that he operated a studio in Watertown (Wisconsin) between 1879 and 1899. In fact, according to his obituary, May ended his photography career in 1891.  After his leaving the business, he supervised the telephone Exchange. He later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was brought back to Watertown for burial in 1899. (SOLD)

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                                                                             POSTCARD 3   (SOLD)

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                                             Postcard 4

These vintage real photo postcards feature beautiful German film actress Elga Brink. The IMDb reports that she appeared in sixty-nine films between 1922 and 1951. Brink was blonde and slender. She began her career in silent films. She often played supporting roles. She appeared in comedies, science fiction, drama, and even in a sex education film. She was recognized for her roles in “Comedians of Life” (1924), “Love in Intoxication? (1927), and “Marriage in Trouble” (1929).  At some point she was married to director Georg Jacoby. After the second world war she mostly did stage work until her retirement from the entertainment world. She then worked as a clerk in a Hamburg law firm.  

Postcard 1 was  published by NBC as part of a series (No. 7375/6). The stamp box of this postcard has an interesting story. “NBC” (Neue Bromsilber Convention) was a price cartel established in 1909 that continued until the 1930’s. The purpose of the cartel was to ensure that the minimum price charged for postcards was kept at a sufficiently profitable level.This color tinted photo postcard portrait captures the beauty of Elga Brink. She is very expressive in this photograph. She appears quite amused by something. She is bundled up for winter weather.  (SOLD)

Postcard 2 was  published by Superfot as part of a series (No. 637/6). The stamp box of this postcard states Fotocolore. This photo postcard portrait captures the beauty of Elga Brink. She is very expressive in this photograph. She appears to be looking into the heavens.  (SOLD)


Postcard 3 was published by Iris Verlag as part of a series (No. 620). On the bottom right corner of this postcard is the logo for Sascha-Films. The company was the largest Austrian film production company of the silent film and early sound film era. The film company was established in 1910 in Bohemia and in 1912 it moved to Vienna. Sascha remained in business through the 1960’s although it went through many changes of ownership and company names through the decades.   (SOLD)

Postcard 4 was  published by Superfot as part of a series (No. 645/1). The stamp box of this postcard states Fotocolore. This photo postcard portrait captures the beauty of Elga Brink. She is very expressive in this photograph. She has the appearance of a “deer in the headlights”. This close-up portrait is almost too close for comfort. The card is uncommon or rare.  (SOLD)

Postcard 1

Postcard 3
Postcard 4


This vintage postcard features a pretty woman playing tennis. She is at the net preparing to hit the ball. It appears that the photographer wasn’t too concerned about his model’s grip on the tennis racquet. Apparently, some tennis lessons before the photo session would have been helpful. However, this is a very sweet postcard and the woman is wearing tennis fashion of the era as well as a wonderful smile. The postcard is of French origin and was published by A. Bergeret of Nancy, France. The postcard is in good condition with some foxing (see scan) and the postcard is unused. The reverse of the postcard indicates that it once resided in an album. (SOLD)


This vintage real photo postcard features French actress, Gilda Darthy (1878-1952). She was an actress on the Paris stage. She was known for being fashionable and was the subject of many photo postcards and photographs. Her stage costumes were created by some of the most famous costumers of their time. She had striking red hair. She was a passenger on a 1910 flight from Algiers to Timbukto and her flying on the plane was used to publicize the New French air service making the flight. During World War I, Darthy was one of the French actresses employed to portray “La Patrie”, a symbol of France. She made her American debut in “The Ironmaster”. The New York Times (1916) reported on her performance and the review was very favorable.  The reviewer described Darthy as being among the most gifted and skillful actresses of the french theater. The wrtier added that “she has all the natural grace and technical skill” of the schooled actresses of the french theater. The reviewer also commented about Darthy’s appearance by stating she had “a moderate amount of gallic beauty”  besides her talent. Finally, the theatrical writer reported that Darthy had an extraordiary amout of emotional powers and a lovely voice. Darthy also appeared in the New York productions of Sapho (1917) and “La Rafale” (1917). In addition to being famous for her acting and fashion roles, Darthy was also a headliner in the area of noted scandals. The New York Times (1917) reported that actress, Irene Bordoni filed suit in the New York Supreme Court against her husband, actor Edgard Beekman, on the grounds of alleged misconduct with Darthy. Darthy was also sued for damages for alienating Boroni’s husband’s affections. Beekman was Darthy’s leading man in a theatrical production at the time of the affair. A similar situation occured with actress Cora Laparcerie and her husband Jacques Richepin. That particular conflict escalated to the point of physical violence between the two women. In 1929, Darthy won damages in a court case, after being injured in an automobile accident. The injuries caused her to have to cut her “trademark” long hair and damages were justifiable because she refused to “deceive the public by wearing a wig”. This vintage postcard portrait of Gilda Darthy was taken by Paul Boyer, the esteemed celebrity photographer. Boyer’s studio was located in Paris, France.  (SOLD)


This advertising postcard was published for Versani Jewelry. The pretty African American model is wearing jewelry from the company and little else. The jewelry is pretty and unique. It is made in New York. The company’s advertising slogan is “Stay Cool Be Strong”. Stores in New York City and Miami are cited as retail locations. Ara is the founder and jewelry designer. The company was established in 1992 as a contemporary jewelry firm. (SOLD)

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A pretty teenage girl poses for her portrait at the DeYoungs’ Studio on Broadway in New York City. She is fashionably dressed. She is wearing her hair up and it is nicely styled. Note the ribbon in her hair and the necklace arouhd her neck.The charm on her necklace appears to be heart shaped. An inscription on the reverse of the photo identifies the girl as “Agnes Adams”. The photographer, Joseph DeYoung (1843-1919), was both well known and highly respected. He had operated his studio from a number of addresses in New York City. He left the 815 Broadway address, where this photograph was taken in about 1890. He was at that location from at least 1884. In 1907 DeYoung’s studio was involved in the apprehension of a noted thief. The studio had a display case outside the store so pedestrians could see samples of their work. The thief was caught jimmying open the case and removing two sports photographs. The police were very interested in the home address given to them by their new arrestee. They were surprised that he lived in a mansion but it made sense when they learned he was a millionaire’s butler. He had worked in that same capacity for other millionaires living in the city. When the police searched his room, they found a cache of personal items belonging to his current and former employers. Years later, a deceased DeYoung made the news because of his bizarre estate planning. When he died, he left five dollars to his wife, five dollars to his son, and one half of his business to his business partner, Matilda Wallace. This cabinet card has corner wear. Note the very light crease in the bottom right hand corner on only the reverse side. This cabinet card portrait is in overall good condition (see scans).


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This vintage real photo postcard features a view of domestic and family life in the 1913 United States. I hypothesize that the women in this photograph are a mother and her two daughters. The mom and one of her daughters is sewing, while the second daughter is reading a book. Note the antique bench that the reading daughter is sitting on. This vintage postcard’s CYKO stamp box is consistent with the 1913 notation written on the card. The original owner of this postcard identified two women in the portrait, but not herself. The id’d women are Dagmar Miller and Marie Petersen. The location is noted as Askov, Minnesota. The town is located on the middle of the eastern border of the state. Askov was settled primarily by Danish immigrants. Interestingly, the name “Dagmar” is of Scandanavian origin. The 2010 census identified 364 residents of Askov. This vintage postcard has some cornerwear and is in overall good condition (see scans).

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A young girl, buttoned up in her fur trimmed winter jacket, poses with her sled in front of a painted winter scene. She is wearing a cute cap with a tassel and is pulling her sled by a rope. The photographer of this image is S. J. Dixon. Dixon’s Electric Light Photo Gallery  was located in Toronto, Canada. The studio was established in 1872. Dixon was very involved in the Photographic Association of Canada, holding a number of offices on the executive committee. He became the organization’s President in 1889. Dixon was a noted athlete and acrobat. The Photographic Times (1891) reported that he walked a three quarter-inch wire stretched across the Whirlpool Rapids at Niagara. “The cable was from 300 to 400 feet above the torrent, and stretched about 400 feet in length”. He completed the “perilous journey” in about 17 minutes. During his tight rope walk, he performed various antics, including lying at full length across the wire. Not surprisingly, Mr. Dixon insured that his feat would be recorded for posterity. J. C. Hemment, a well known instantaneous photographer, photographed Dixon during his mid-air walk. (SOLD)


This antique photograph features three young women sitting on a Thor VII motorcycle. A man is observing them and an antique car is in the background. Thor was an American manufacturer of motorcycles and motorcycle engines. The company was founded in 1901 and was located in Aurora, Illinois. Between 1901 and 1907, Thor made engines for Indian Motocycles and also made their own motorcycles. They ceased making motorcycles around 1920. There are only two surviving Thor VII bikes in the entire world. This photo measures 2.5 x 4.12 inches. It is a former resident of a photo album evidenced by the paper residue on the reverse of the photo. (SOLD)

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