This vintage real photo postcard features Australian silent film actress, Enid Bennett (1893-1969). She was mostly active in American films. She was born in Australia and attended an an acting and elocution school in Perth. In 1910 she joined a touring theatrical company. Two years later she joined the Fred Niblo – Josephine Cohan touring company. She understudied for Cohan and would consistently receive positive reviews. In 1915, Enid began to appear in Australian films. Also in 1915, Enid came to the United States and made her American theatrical debut in “Cock O’ The Walk” at the George M. Cohan theater on Broadway. She soon was appearing in important roles in American films. One of her more famous roles was playing Maid Marian in Robinhood (1922) with Douglas Fairbanks. By 1923, her career had slowed. However, she made the transition to sound, appearing in two Jackie Cooper films. She nearly comletely retired in 1933. Her final film role was in the Marx Brother’s “The Big Store” (1941). The IMDb reports that Enid had 52 film credits between 1916 and 1941. Bennett married Fred Niblo in 1918 and their marriage ended in 1948 upon Niblo’s death. In 1963, she married American film director, Sidney Franklin. Enid’s two sisters, Catherine and Marjorie Bennett, were also actresses. The card was published by Cinemagazine (Paris Edition). The postcard is part of a series (No.139) The portrait of Bennett is by Alfred Noyers studio in Paris. The postcard dates back to circa the 1920’s and is in very good condition (see scans).


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These vintage real photo postcards feature pretty American stage and silent film actress, Marguerite Clark (1883-1940). She was a very popular actress of her time; only second to Mary Pickford in popularity. The two shared a “little girl look”. Marguerite was tiny. She was 4’11” and weighed only 90 pounds. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father was a haberdasherer. After finishing school, at the age of 17, Marguerite made her Broadway debut. During her stage career (1900-1913), she appeared in sixteen Broadway plays. Marguerite was also a prolific screen actress. Between 1914 and 1921, she appeared in 40 films. She is noted for her film role in “Snow White” (1916). In 1918, she married plantation owner and millionaire businessman, Harry Palmerston Williams. Marguerite retired at age 38 in order to live a more traditIonal life with her husband. He died in 1936 in an airplane crash. Both of these portrait postcards were published by Kraus Mfg.  These postcard photograph was likely taken between 1910 and 1920.  (BOTH SOLD)

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This vintage real photo postcard features Hungarian film actress, Ila Loth (1900?-1975). She had 27 film appearances between 1918 and 1922. Some sources report that she appeared in a few films decades later than 1922, in the sound era. This postcard’s photograph presents Miss Loth driving an antique car. Note her driving gloves. This uncommon postcard was published by “City”. (SOLD)

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This vintage real photo postcard features Italian silent film actress, Andreina Rossi. She looks beautiful in her lovely hat. She appeared in “The Veil of Guilt” (1923). In 1960 she appeared in two films including “Daughter of Cleopatra”. The photographer of Miss Rossi’s portrait seen on this card is the Vettori studio in Bologna, Italy.  (SOLD)


This vintage real photo postcard features Corinne Griffith, an American film actress, producer, author, and businesswoman. Besides being talented, she was considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses of the silent film era. This postcard was published as part of the Picturegoer Series (No.97). This postcard has a crease in it’s top left corner and is in overall fair condition.  (see scans).


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Anyone who collects vintage theatrical/film actress postcards, is very familiar with the subject of this real photo postcard. Gabrielle Robinne (1886-1980) is an actress that was widely photographed. The reason for the production of so many postcards featuring Miss Robinne is that she was very popular during her era. Certainly, one of the reasons for her popularity, was her great beauty. Robinne was born in France and was a student at the Paris Conservatory. In 1904 she joined the company of Sarah Bernhardt and later joined the Theatre Michel in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her career soared when she began performing at the Comedie-Francaise in 1907. She remained with the company until 1938. She made her film debut in the 1906 production of “Le troubadour”. Two years later she had her first huge success in “L’assassinat du Duc de Guise” (1908). She is considered by many to be the first French star of the silent film era. She charmed her audiences with her beauty and excellent acting. Gabrielle Robinne shared her time between stage and film. The IMDb reports that she appeared in nearly fifty films between 1906 and 1973.She was known for “Conquered Hate” (1913,) “Struggle for Life” (1914), and “La reine de Saba” (1913). Robinne was married to actor Rene Alexandre from 1912 until she was widowed in 1946. Her work in the theater and film was recognized by France when she was made an Officer of the Legion of Honor, the highest French order of Merit. The photographer of Robinne’s portrait on this card is Leopold Reutlinger (1863-1937). He was a leading photographer of his time and was, and is, renowned for his photographs of celebrities and beautiful women. This postcard is part of a series (no.0469).This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).  (SOLD)


This vintage real photo postcard features Hungarian stage and film actress, Erzsi Paulay (1886-1959). Her parents were both actors. Her father died when she was eight years of age and her mother had to return to work. Erzsi was known to possess exceptional beauty and spoke very well. She graduated from the Academy of Drama (1904) and joined the National Theater. Erzsi had a problem. She was an excellent actress during rehearsals but when it came to performing in front of an audience, her performance was weak.Her apparent stage fright kept her from becoming an excellent actress. However, she was popular among her colleagues. After her first marriage failed she married Italian ambassador Count Vittorio Cerrutti in 1923. She then retired from acting. She and her husband travelled the world. The pair lived in Tokyo, Moscow and Rome. The IMDb credits her with five film roles between 1915 and 1928. This real photo postcard is in good condition. Note crease in bottom right hand corner. See scans.

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This undivided vintage theatrical postcard features advertising for the play, “The Mummy And The Hummingbird”.The play was performed by the Jules Murry Company. Murry’s obituary appears in the New York Times (12/31/39). The newspaper reports that Murry was in charge of booking for the Shubert theatrical enterprises. He was born in Germany but lived in the United States for 50 years. HIs show business career began with his working as an independent manager and producer. He then joined the Shuberts. “The Mummy And The Hummingbird” was also a silent film. It was released in 1915 by Paramount Pictures. This vintage theatrical postcard is in good condition (see scans). (SOLD)


This vintage real photo postcard features beautiful German film actress Elga Brink (1905-1985). At the time that this photograph was taken, she was 23 years-old. This photograph is uncommon. The IMDb reports that Brink appeared in sixty-nine films between 1922 and 1951. Brink was blonde and slender. She began her career in silent films. She often played supporting roles. She appeared in comedies, science fiction, drama, and even in a sex education film. She was recognized for her roles in “Comedians of Life” (1924), “Love in Intoxication? (1927), and “Marriage in Trouble” (1929).  At some point she was married to director Georg Jacoby. After the second World War she mostly did stage work until her retirement from the entertainment world. She then worked as a clerk in a Hamburg law firm. The logo on the bottom right of the image reveals the name of the postcard’s publisher. Unfortunately, I can not decipher the initials. Print on the reverse of the postcard advertises ‘Union Bromographic”. The firm was located in Milan, Italy. Perhaps the company was a postcard distributor. The card was postmarked in Genoa, Italy and mailed to Venice. The card has an Italian stamp. Everything about this postcard is Italian; except Elga Brink. This photo postcard portrait captures the beauty of Elga Brink. She is very expressive in this photograph. She looks pensive. (SOLD)

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This vintage real photo postcard features American film and stage actress, Jane Cowl (1883-1950). Cowl was also a playwright. She was born in Boston, attended high school in Brooklyn, New York, and took courses at Columbia University. She made her Broadway debut in 1903. She landed her first leading role in a 1909 David Belasco production. Her first big success was in “The Gamblers” (1910). She had much success on the stage, including “Within the Law” (1912). This photo postcard captures Miss Cowl in costume for her role in “Within the Law”. She played in a number of Broadway productions of Shakespeare. She played Juliet in more than 1000 consecutive performances. In 1930, she performed with a young Katharine Hepburn in “Art and Mrs. Bottle”. In sum, the IBDB reports that Cowl appeared in 35 Broadway productions between 1903 and 1947. Cowl’s performing history includes working in film. She was the lead in two silent films. She had an over 30 year hiatus from the movies until taking on some supporting film roles during the 1940’s. IN 1906, Jane Cowl was married to Adolph Edward Klauber. He was the drama critic for the New York Times. He was a former actor and the son of a noted Louisville, Kentucky Jewish photographer. In 1918, Klauber left his newspaper job to become a theatrical producer and manager. He and Cowl separated in 1930. This vintage postcard portrait is in excellent condition (see scans).


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