This vintage real photo postcard features German actress, screenwriter, and producer; Lotte Neumann (1896-1977). She was active in the film industry between 1912 and 1958. Neumann was born in Berlin, Germany. At age 13, she took vocal training and acting lessons. She also studied dance and piano. Neumann also sang in two choirs. She originally desired to be a singer but after some advice from Max Mack, a German screenwriter, silent film producer and director; she chose to pursue a career in film. She made her debut in a short silent film, “Whims of Fate” (1912).  Neumann became a popular actress in Germany. In 1917 she began acting in films which she produced herself. She established her own film company (Lotte-Neumann-Film-GmbH) which operated between 1916 and 1919. In 1919, she began working for UFA, a major German film producer and distributor that was active between 1917 through the end of World War II. In 1920 she starred in two films directed by Ernst Lubitsch. He was a German born American film director, producer, writer, and actor. It was prestigious for Neumann to appear in his productions. She remained popular through the 1920’s but her career declined with the advent of sound film. This was a dreaded fate suffered by many actors and actresses during the transition to talkies. Her final screen appearance was in 1931. After retiring from acting she continued to write screenplays and partnered with her her husband, Walter Wassermann, in creative endeavors. They worked together from 1935 until his death in 1944. The IMDb reports that Neumann appeared in 69 films, wrote 24 films, and produced 14 films. Neumann’s film career accomplishments are very impressive. This vintage postcard was published by Film-Sterne as part of a series (no.194/1). The photographer of Miss Neumann’s photo was the Becker & Maass studio in Berlin. The message on the reverse of the postcard was written in 1918. The stamp box of this postcard has an interesting story. “NBC” (Neue Bromsilber Convention) was a price cartel established in 1909 that continued until the 1930’s. The purpose of the cartel was to ensure that the minimum price charged for postcards was kept at a sufficiently profitable level. A number of postcard publishing companies joined the cartel in an effort to stave off the effect of competition on the pricing of postcards. This postcard is in fair condition. Please note that there are two very thin creases located on the left and center bottom of the card. The photo postcard is priced accordingly.

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