st bernard

This stereo card is offers an adorable photograph of a little girl looking up in awe at a large St. Bernard. The dog looks friendly enough and the child does not seem intimidated. In fact the caption on the card indicates that the girl asks “Aren’t you big enough to talk? I am”. The little girl sits on a Persian rug holding a doll in her lap. There is also a toy block and another doll in the foreground of the photograph. Since this is the Cabinet Card Gallery and not the Stereo Card Gallery, a few words about Stereo cards may be in order. Stereo cards have a pair of photographs which give a three dimensional view when looked at through a Stereo Card viewer. This form of photography was in it’s prime between 1870 and 1920. A popular producer of these cards was Underwood & Underwood Publishers. Two brothers, Elmer Underwood (1859-1947) and Bert Elias Underwood (1862-1943), formed the company in Ottawa, Kansas in 1881. They later moved to Baltimore and later New York City (1891). At one point in time, Underwood & Underwood was the largest publisher of stereoviews in the world (10 milion views a year). This particular view was one of their publications.

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