This vintage real photo postcard features a group of German beer lovers gathered around a keg in a country-side setting. This photograph is a treasure trove of interesting elements. First, the keg of beer is labelled with the title “Memories in Lindau 1927” (translated from German). Second,the bruiser in the center of the back row is holding a beer mug on steroids. It is likely that no one will challenge or fight him for the huge glass of dark beer. Finally, what is the story about the gentleman/lady in the center of the middle row. To quote the Kinks, “Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls”. It is likely that the man wearing the dress, seen in this postcard, did so for fun. It is not unusual to see cross dressing in photographs from this era. Generally, wearing opposite sex clothing in these images was done for entertainment, rather than for sexuality reasons. Women also dressed as men in photographs. Vesta Tilley (1864-1952) was an English music hall performer who was one of the most famous male impersonators of her time. She was a star in both Britain and the United States for over three decades (see her photo below). Returning to the subject of the beer drinking celebrants, we learn from the writing on the keg, that they are partying in Lindau, Germany. Lindau is a major town and an island in Bavaria. It is located on the eastern side of Lake Constance (Bodensee in German). The origin of Lindau’s name is thought to be the “linden tree”. Lindau is known for being near the Austrian, German, and Swiss borders. This vintage postcard has excellent clarity and is in very good condition (see scans).

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      Vesta Tilley


This vintage real photo postcard features pretty French performer Bleuette D’Artois. She is beautifully dressed. In fact, she appeared in a postcard series called “Queens of Fashion”. The postcard was published by E.L.D. (E. Le Delay), a company located in Paris, France. The postcard is part of a series (no. 4264). The postmark is dated 1918 and the postcard was postmarked in Merbes-le-Château, Belgium. The postcard has a Belgian stamp.



This cabinet card is a portrait of four men sitting around a table drinking beers. The men are wearing dress clothing as they enjoy happy hour at the studio of Axel M. Turnquist, in Eveleth, Minnesota. One of the men is drinking out of a glass, while the other three prefer to imbibe straight out of the bottle. The reverse of the card has a notation indicating that the subjects in the photograph are members of the “Nelson” family. To view other photographs by Turnquist, and learn some biographical facts about him, click on the category “Photographer: Turnquist”.

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“It’s Miller Time”: Three Guys Having a Beer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This Cabinet card depicts three guys out for a beer. They look like they are going to do some serious drinking and have a pitcher ready on the floor for refilling their glasses. The photograph was taken by F. W. Streit of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. How appropriate! Milwaukee is and was the unofficial beer capitol of the United States. The city was once the home to four of the world’s largest breweries and was the number one beer producing city in the world for many years.


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