This vintage real photo postcard features a view of the High School from the Court House Cupola in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. This is not a common card. The postcard has an AZO stamp box which reveals that the card was published sometime between 1918 and 1930.  SOLD

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This cabinet card photograph features a lovely family of seven. Mom did not take long rest periods between each of her five children. The family dressed nicely for their trip to the photographer’s studio. The photographer of this cabinet card was the Hillman studio of Richland Center, Wisconsin.  The 1900 US census reports that William J. Hillman was a 51 year-old photographer, born in New York, and living in Richland Center with his wife Caroline (age 54) and his son Charles B. (age 22). Charles B.Hillman was listed as working as a photographer. The Photographic Times (1907) printed a paper read by Hillman. The paper was entitled ” The Successful Photographer” and the advice given in his presentation was excellent and would  be relevant and helpful to modern day business owners. If Hillman was alive today, he would have been an incredible business consultant. The Bulletin of Photography (1914) contains an announcement that the Hillman studio was sold to Frank Dickson. (SOLD)

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A mother and father and their four children sit for a portrait at a studio in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. The father’s facial expression could be described as “disinterested”. The photographer is Charles H. Lown who operated in Sturgeon Bay between 1887 and 1896. He also may have been there prior to or after these dates. His studio was located on Cedar Street. This cabinet card photograph may have been trimmed. Overall, this photo is in very good condition (see scans).

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This vintage real photo postcard serves as a wonderful illustration of social history. For a reason unknown to us, the community gathered in front of Richter’s Saloon & Grocery for this photo. The whole town is represented. There are babies, children, and young and older adults. If you look carefully, you will see that there was a lot of activity occurring when this photograph was taken. First, there are a several musicians in the group. Some are playing their instruments while others are displaying them. There are a number of men in the back row drinking out of bottles. Why are they congregated in the back row? It is likely a safe assumption that they are drinking beer or some other form of alcohol. Included in the photo is an oppositional defiant little girl. She is in the first row and is the only child or adult facing the “wrong” way. I’m kidding about the “oppositional defiant disorder” diagnosis. The townspeople in this photograph are wearing an interesting assortment of hats. There is a sign advertising a brewery attached to the front of the building. The advertising is for Ruder Beer. The George Ruder Brewing Company was founded in 1892 and operated until 1920. The company was located in Wausau, Wisconsin. By now, you have probably been wondering where Richter’s Saloon & Grocery was located. I am wondering too. I found two possible locations, but there may be more. An Indianapolis, Indiana city directory lists one of the cities businesses as being William Richter & Son Grocery and Saloon. I can not determine the year of the directory. The second possibility concerning the location of Richter’s Saloon & Grocery is more remote. In 1911, there was a Emilie Richter running a saloon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the same year that the photograph was taken. I have been unable to learn the name of the saloon. The fact that Milwaukee and Wausau (home of Ruder Beer) are in Wisconsin, may be significant. The Kruxo stamp box on the reverse of this postcard, dates the card to sometime between 1908 and 1920. This supports the 1911 date printed on the front of this postcard. SOLD


Three siblings, wearing their fanciest clothing, pose for their cabinet card portrait at the studio of J. W. Goetz, in West Bend, Wisonsin. These children have had happier days than the day they sat for this photograph. The oldest child appears to be doing her best to be stoic, but the youngest children look absolutely miserable.Their scowls at the  photographer seem to say “let me out of here”. The online “Museum of Wisconsin Art” offers a biographical profile of John W. Goetz (1839-1912). He was born near Tiffin, Ohio and by 1860, he and his family moved to Buckwood, Wisconsin. In 1864 he married Mary Wagner of West Bend. He worked as a carpenter and in 1875 he partnered with Mr Bangs in a West Bend Photographic Studio. By 1887, he owned his own photography business located on Hickory Street in West Bend. He worked as a photographer in West Bend for over thirty years. After his wife died in 1901, he sold his business and moved to Marshfield, Wisconsin where he established a photography studio in nearby Marathon City. He died in 1912. This cabinet card portrait has excellent clarity and is in excellent condition (see scans).  

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This cabinet card portrait features a pretty young woman named Jennie Hall Hutchins. The identification is made by an inscription on the reverse of the photograph. The inscriber describes her as “Grandpa’s half sister”. Preliminary research did not yield any further information about Miss Hutchins. The photographer of this image is no stranger to the Cabinet Card Gallery. At the time of this writing, the gallery has four other photographs by Frederick Bonell.  In addition to having a studio in Eau Claire (the location where this photograph was taken), he also conducted business in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. One source states that Bonell worked as a photographer between 1879 and 1890. To view other photographs by Bonell,  click on the category “Photographer: Bonell”. This cabinet card portrait is in very good condition (see scans). 



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A young to middle aged couple pose for their portrait at Miller Brothers studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The studio was located on the corner of 3rd and Chestnut Streets. They pose in a studio setting that screams “rustic”. The wood fence, shabby chair, and country backdrop help create the rural feel. The man in this photograph is wearing an interesting beard (see the category “Beards (Only the Best)”. He is holding a book in his left hand and coupled with his attire, the image creates an impression that he is an educated man. The woman is wearing a very plain dress and a serious expression.   SOLD


This cabinet card portrait features a well dressed older man with a well groomed beard. Although his beard is full; it is not attached to sideburns. The gentleman appears tired and he exhibits no hint of a smile. The photographer of this photograph is Edgar G. Fleming. At the time that this photo was taken, Fleming had studios in both Wausau and Merrill, Wisconsin. According to a couple of Badger state directories, he was active in Wausau between 1884 and 1886 and active in Merrill between 1891 and 1895. These dates are not completely accurate because they do not show any overlap in years which would allow him to operate the two studios at the same time. Fleming also had a studio in Columbus, Wisconsin (1895-1896).   SOLD

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The handsome young man in this photograph is named Howard Briscoe. His name is inscribed on the reverse of this cabinet card photo. Briscoe lived in Baraboo, Wisconsin. He lived there all, or most of his life. Briscoe was born in 1878. His father was a miller by trade, Briscoe’s wife was named Julia Simon Briscoe. Howard Briscoe worked as a carpenter for a railroad company. The photographer of this image, Mr. Mould, is mentioned in a number of photographic journals. He placed an ad for his studio in a book about Sauk County, Wisconsin (1891). The Photographic Times (1898) reports on his appointment to a lobbying committee of the Photographers Association of Wisconsin. The Encyclopedia Dubuque (1911) reveals that Sim Mould operated a photographic studio at 107 Main Street in Dubuque, Iowa. The cabinet card gallery has other photographs by Mould, Place his name in the search box to view these other images. The town of Baraboo is situated on the Baraboo river. The town was settled by Abe Wood and originally called Adams. In 1852 it was renamed Baraboo. In the town’s early history it became the home of several sawmills. In the nineteenth century the town served as the headquarters of several circuses, including Ringling Brothers. Baraboo became known as “Circus City”. This cabinet card photo is in excellent condition (see scans).

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three couples cc three couples cc 1 three couples cc 2 three couples cc 4This cabinet card portrait is likely a family portrait, judging by a strong family resemblance among a number of the individuals in the photograph. The woman sitting on the right side of the bottom row is holding an open photograph album. She is also arm in arm with the woman sitting next to her. This image is difficult to analyze in terms of the exact family constellation represented. Are these people siblings? Like many other photographs of this era, it is impossible to confidently hypothesize about the exact relationships between the subjects. The photographer of this cabinet card is Edwin Rodney Curtiss (1836-1906) and his studio was located in Madison, Wisconsin. Curtiss was born in Southington, Connecticut and married Eva A. Lingenfetler of Fonda, New York in 1859.   (SOLD)

three couples cc 5

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