Postcard 1 features pretty stage and film actress Alexandra Carlisle (1886-1936). She is wearing a feathered hat and a sullen expression. Carlisle was an English actress as well as a suffragest. She was born in England. In 1903 she performed in two Shakespearian productions. In 1908, she performed the lead role in “The Mollusc” at the Garrick Theatre. IN 1908 she appeared in two productions of Shakespeare plays produced by Herbert Beerbohm Tree. In 1911, she acted in a Royal Command Performance for King George V and the Emperor and Empress of Germany. In 1912, she married for the third time. Her new husband was a dental surgeon from the US and in 1915 she settled there. She quickly became a noted speaker for women’s suffrage and for the Republican Party. In 1920, she directed a show for Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club. Also in 1920, she was the main speaker for Massachusetts at the Republican Convention and she seconded the nomination of Calvin Coolidge for Vice President. Carlisle performed in two films (1917,1934). She was an active Broadway performer; performing in 17 Broadway productions between 1908 and 1936. The writer of this postcard mentions Miss Carlisle. She states that “we saw A. C. in Earl of Pawtucket”. This postcard was published by Rotary Photo as part of a series (no. 4073 H). Carlisle’s phototgraph was taken by Dover Street Studios. The postcard is postmarked 1907 and has a British stamp. (SOLD)

Postcard 2 also features pretty stage and film actress Alexandra Carlisle. She is wearing a hair ornament and a half smile. This postcard was published by Aristophot as part of a series (no.E1556). Carlisle’s photograph was taken by Dover Street Studios. The postcard is unused, hand tinted, and is of the embossed style. This postcard is beautifully colored and in very good condition.  (SOLD)