Fireman in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

firemanportsmouthAn intense looking  fireman poses for his cabinet card photograph in the studio of photographer E. Nickerson in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Take note that the Cabinet Card Gallery has a second cabinet card image of a fireman photographed by Nickerson. Check it out under the category of “Firemen and Policemen” or “Photographer: Nickerson”.

Old Time Doctor Making a Housecall in Bernville, Pennsylvania

housecallBack in the day when doctors made housecalls; they may have looked like this gentleman. He appears to be carrying the tools of his medical profession in his doctor bag. This man was photographed by Blatt of Bernville, Pennsylvania. The physician is identified as Joel Stump.

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muttonchopThis Cabinet Card captures the image of a man with a mutton chop mustache. He also has very expressive eyes. This photograph definitely qualifies for both my Beard and Mustache category which only features “the most unusual” facial hair styles. The photographer of this cabinet card is Beal of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fashionable Sisters Embrace on Broadway

sisters-on-broadwayThis Cabinet card captures the image of two sisters. At least, they certainly look like sisters.The girls are beautifully dressed and are photographed by the Coe studio on Broadway in New York City.

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New Inductee into the Beard of the Month Club

beard-in-readingThis Cabinet Card captures an older man and his very interesting beard. Note the chain coming from his vest which is likely attatched to his time piece. The photograph is by the New York Gallery of Reading, PennsylvaniA.

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Fashionable Ladies on Broadway (Sarony)



These wonderful Cabinet cards are of very fashionable women photographed by the celebrated Sarony studio located on Broadway in New York City. These “Imperial Portraits” offer very clear and detailed images. Note the ladies stylish jewelry.

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ethel-jacksonEthel Jackson (1877-1957) was an American stage actress and comic prima donna. She was the great granddaughter of the first Governor of Rhode Island. She was educated in Europe and began acting acting in London, England. She was brought to America by Charles Frohman to play the leading role in “Little Miss Nobody” in New York City. In 1914 she debuted in Vaudeville at the Orpheum in Brooklyn, New York. The photographer of this Cabinet Card is Gilbert & Bacon of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. To view other photographs by this studio, click on the category “Photographer: Gilbert & Bacon”.

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Attractive Woman in Holyoke, Massachusetts

holyoke-womanThis very attractive woman is posing for her portrait at the studio of W. B. Miles of Holyoke, Massachusetts. She is dressed impeccably and her hair has clearly been styled for this photograph. T view other photographs by W. B. Miles, click on the category “Photographer: W. B. Miles”.

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Young Dark Haired Beauty in Abingdon, Virginia

abingdon-womanThis stunning woman has the beauty seen in many actresses of  the turn of the century. She is photographed by Wertz of Abingdon, Virginia. Abingdon is west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the early part of the 20th century Abingdon was very involved with the lumbering industry. In 1910, the towns population was 1,757 people.

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Edith Chester (1861-1894): English Actress

chesterThis Cabinet Card photograph captures English Actress Edith Chester (1861-1894). She made her debut in America in 1885. The photograph was done by W & D Downey of London, England. This studio was renowned for celebrity photographs.

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