This Cabinet Card photograph is an image of a Salvation Army Worker. Note her uniform and the “S” on her collar. The photographic studio that produced this image is Fisher & Monfort of Plainfield, New Jersey. This photograph is one of a number of photographs of  Salvation Army workers that can be found in the Cabinet Card Gallery. Take a look at them in the “Salvation Army” category. There is also a category for “Photographer: Fisher & Monfort” where other pictures by these photographers may be viewed. Their full names are Charles W. Fisher and George W. Monfort.

Great Mustache in Plainfield, New Jersey


This gentleman has a mustache worthy of adding to the esteemed category of  “mustaches (Only The Best” ) in this blog. He is posing for his portrait at the studio of Fisher & Monfort in Plainfield, New Jersey. Does anyone know anything about the pin he  is wearing on his lapel? Please leave a comment if you know about the pin or have any ideas to share. Plainfield was originally settled by Quakers, became a township in 1847, and the New Jersey legislature made it a city in 1869.  The city is located in Northeastern New Jersey. To view other photographs by Fisher and Monfort, click on the category “Photographer: Fisher and Monfort”.

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