This vintage real photo postcard features a lovely well dressed couple with a sense of humor. The gentleman in the photograph wrote a very funny message on the reverse of the card. The man, Joe, writes that the pair are being photographed on a mountain, twelve hundred feet above Portland, Oregon. He then demonstrated his flair for humor by suggesting to the postcard’s recipient,  “If you have any rats in your smoke house, just put this (photo) in there and I will insure you no more rats will bother”. This postcard was sent to a woman in Latham, Kansas, and was postmarked in Eads, Colorado. The card was written and mailed in 1908. Joe and his “lady friend” were photographed at 10 Minute Photos, by Cal Calvert. The studio was located in Council Crest (Portland, Oregon). Council Crest Park is a city park in southwest Portland. Council Crest is 1071 feet above sea leveland is one of the hightest points in in the Tualatin Mountains. The park offers a great view of Portland. The couple in this photo may have taken a street car to the park. The Portland Railway, Light and Power Company opened a street car route  (Council Crest Line) to the park in 1906. In 1907 the company opened an amusement park at the site. Research found information related to the photographer who took this photograph. Charles E. (Cal) Calvert operated his studio at Sixth & Ankeny from 1906 through 1930. In 1907, with the opening of Council Crest Amusement Park, he operated a studio and postcard stand on it’s grounds. He also ran a studio at the Washington Street entrance to Portland’s City Park in 1910. Cal was known for his use of rustic props and for his creativity. One of his sets involved subjects appearing as if they were flying an airplane over the city of Portland. A postcard employing this setting is part of a collection at the Portland Art Museum. This postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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This cabinet card portrait features a well dressed gentleman wearing a huge mustache. The mustache is joined with his sideburns. To see other amazing mustaches, click on the cabinet card gallery’s category of “Mustaches (Only the Best). The photographer of this facial hair extravaganza is D. B. Millard. He operated a studio “Over the Post Office” in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His cabinet card price list can be seen on the reverse of this photograph. The cost of a cabinet card was $3.00 but volume buyers could purchase a dozen photographs for $1.50 each. The internet resource, Langdon Road, reveals that Millard owned Millard’s Gallery, at 314 Lackawanna; in the city of Scranton. His obituary appears in the “Photographic Times and American Photographer” (1891). The article labels him as the best and most popular photographer in Scranton. The obituary notes that Millard died of heart failure after a short illness. Millard’s name appears in Scranton’s business directories from at least 1879 through 1888. Other directories list his name as “Durand B. Millard”.    SOLD

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This photograph features film and television actress Barbara Carrera (1945- ). She was born in Nicaragua and was a television and film actress, as well as a model. Her mother was Nicaraguan and her father was an American employee of the American embassy in Nicaragua. Her parents separated, and at around the age of ten years old, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee to be with her father. At age fifteen, she moved to New York. At seventeen, she began a career as a model at the Eileen Ford agency. Her first film role was in 1970 and in 1976, she earned her first Golden Globe nomination. A second nomination followed in 1984. Among her appearances were “Never Say Never Again (1983)”, “Condor Man” (1981), and on the television series “Dallas”(1985). Carrera graced the pages and covers of many magazines including Vogue, Paris Match, and Harper’s Bazaar. She twice posed for Playboy (1977 & 1982). She ended her television/film career in 2004. The IMDb reports that the actress had 39 film and television credits. Carrera had three marriages, all ending in divorce. This image, accompanied by Miss Carrera’s resume, was sent to a casting director, or some other film decision maker, to ask for consideration for an acting role in the production. The logo of the Sterling/Winters Company can be seen on lower border of this photo. Sterling/Winters is a celebrity talent agency for numerous actors, musicians, athletes, and others. The heading on the resume indicates that it was prepared by “The Chasin Agency” of Los Angeles, California. This organization functions in the Talent Agent, Theatrical Business, and Amusement and Recreation Services sector. This photograph was formerly part of the Harvey and Rhoda Kuflik collection.The Kuflik collection has been touted as “the greatest celebrity autograph collection on the planet”. From the 1980’s until his death in 2002, Harvey had access to film industry agency headshots and resumes that were used in the casting process. This photograph and resume of Barbara Carrera is an example of these casting materials. Harvey and Rhoda Kuflik were siblings. The pair grew up in New York City and they amassed a very large collection of celebrity photos and autographs. In adulthood, Harvey moved to Los Angeles while Rhoda stayed in New York. They would reunite in Hollywood each year to add to their collection during Oscar week. When the pair passed away, Harvey (1942- 2002) and Rhoda (1938- 2012); the siblings left the collection to Harvey’s son, David. It bothered David that the collection was not available for the public and interested collectors to see and enjoy. He decided to put the individual items in the collection up for auction. This 8×10 photograph is in excellent condition. The content of Miss Carrera’s resume indicates that the photo and the resume were mailed in about 1994.

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This vintage real photo postcard features four hard working men gathering hay and loading their horse drawn wagon. The wagon is chock full of hay. It is hard to imagine that the wagon can fit much more hay. The AZO stamp box on the reverse of the postcard indicates that the card was published sometime between 1904 and 1918. This occupational postcard is in very good condition (see scans).

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A pretty young woman poses for her portrait in this vintage real photo postcard. The young woman appears to be in her teenage years. She is wearing a very busy print dress and a cloche hat. What is a cloche hat? A cloche hat is a woman’s close-fitting, bell-shaped hat. Printed on the reverse of the postcard are the following words, “Hemetmair’s Wtw. Wels”. Hemetmair is a last name and it is possible that it is the name of the photographer. This postcard portrait appears to be from the 1920’s. The postcard has excellent clarity and is in very good condition (see scans).

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The gentleman seen in this cabinet card photograph possesses a fine beard. Although I have seen his beard style in other cabinet card images, it still is an uncommon beard style for the time. The beard is very thick on each side but sparse in the middle. It has a similar appearance as a bushy mustache. This gentleman and his beard have earned a place in the Cabinet Card Gallery’s category of “Beards (Only the Best). The subject of this photograph is well dressed in a three piece suit and is wearing a pocket watch attached to one of the buttons on his vest. The photographer of this cabinet card portrait was employed by the Johns & Faught studio in Lexington, Kentucky. In the book “History of Fayette County, Kentucky” (1882), it is stated that W. E. Johns was born in Lexington in 1843. He began his photography business in Lexington in 1870 and by 1876 opened a new studio at the address (56 East Main Street), which was where he photographed this cabinet card. By at least 1886, James Faught worked for Johns as an operator in his studio. At a later date, the pair became partners in the business. To view other photographs by this studio, click on the category “Photographer: Johns & Faught”.   (SOLD)



A handsome dapper man, exudes a cool confidence as he poses for his portrait at White’s Postals, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a well groomed mustache and sits with his bowler hat on his knee. The gentleman in this photo is wearing a suit that appears to be quite baggy. It is possible that the suit was borrowed from the studio’s prop room, and doesn’t actually belong to the subject. Preliminary research found little information about White’s Postals except that at least one of their postcards is part of the collection of Temple University’s digital library. This real photo postcard has excellent clarity and is in very good condition. The card’s AZO stamp box indicates that the postcard is from sometime between 1904 and 1918.  SOLD


This vintage real photo postcard features a long haired young woman dressed in an ethnic costume. She is wearing gypsy attire in this studio photograph by S. Vaineikis. Vaineikis’s studio was located in Binghamton, New York and the business is listed in the 1920 Binghamton business directory. This postcard was produced by AZO sometime between 1910 and 1930 and is in very good condition.        SOLD
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This carte de visite gives center stage to a most adorable little girl. She is standing next to her pull toy, a very detailed jockey and horse. Note the horses realistic looking mane. The toy is on wheels. This photograph was taken at a photo studio belonging to C. G. Springer. Since Mr Springer owned  multiple studios, it is uncertain as to which particular location was the producer of this image. All three of Springer’s studios were in Czechoslavokia (Reichenberg, Teplitz, and Trautenau). This cdv photograph is in very good condition (see scans).  (SOLD)



This vintage real photo postcard features an adorable short haired little girl posing between two pull toy animals. The toy elephant and lamb are larger than most pull toys I have seen in other vintage photographs. Note the girl’s piercing eyes. The history of pull toys is interesting, It is believed that the earliest wooden toys appeared sometime during the Stone Age.Wooden toys were produced during the Middle Ages and were manufactured by industry in the 1800’s, especially in Europe. Steiff was a manufacturer of pull-alongs. The toys were described in advertising as “High Class Riding animals”. In 1880, Margarete Steiff, a German seamstress, founded the stuffed animal company that bears her name. Interestingly, a bout of polio limited her sewing to using just one hand. Her nephew created the first soft bear for his Aunt. When an American wholesaler saw the bear at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903, he ordered three thousand of them. By the time of World War I, Steiff had sold millions of these toys in Europe and the United States. Perhaps the toys in this photo postcard were made by Steiff. Producers of early pull toys included Fisher Price and Lego. This photo postcard was produced by the Foto Luz studio, located in Bucharest, Romania. The studio’s name is embossed on the lower right hand corner of this scallop edged postcard. The postcard is from the 1940’s and is in excellent condition.  SOLD