This photograph features film and television actress Barbara Carrera (1945- ). She was born in Nicaragua and was a television and film actress, as well as a model. Her mother was Nicaraguan and her father was an American employee of the American embassy in Nicaragua. Her parents separated, and at around the age of ten years old, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee to be with her father. At age fifteen, she moved to New York. At seventeen, she began a career as a model at the Eileen Ford agency. Her first film role was in 1970 and in 1976, she earned her first Golden Globe nomination. A second nomination followed in 1984. Among her appearances were “Never Say Never Again (1983)”, “Condor Man” (1981), and on the television series “Dallas”(1985). Carrera graced the pages and covers of many magazines including Vogue, Paris Match, and Harper’s Bazaar. She twice posed for Playboy (1977 & 1982). She ended her television/film career in 2004. The IMDb reports that the actress had 39 film and television credits. Carrera had three marriages, all ending in divorce. This image, accompanied by Miss Carrera’s resume, was sent to a casting director, or some other film decision maker, to ask for consideration for an acting role in the production. The logo of the Sterling/Winters Company can be seen on lower border of this photo. Sterling/Winters is a celebrity talent agency for numerous actors, musicians, athletes, and others. The heading on the resume indicates that it was prepared by “The Chasin Agency” of Los Angeles, California. This organization functions in the Talent Agent, Theatrical Business, and Amusement and Recreation Services sector. This photograph was formerly part of the Harvey and Rhoda Kuflik collection.The Kuflik collection has been touted as “the greatest celebrity autograph collection on the planet”. From the 1980’s until his death in 2002, Harvey had access to film industry agency headshots and resumes that were used in the casting process. This photograph and resume of Barbara Carrera is an example of these casting materials. Harvey and Rhoda Kuflik were siblings. The pair grew up in New York City and they amassed a very large collection of celebrity photos and autographs. In adulthood, Harvey moved to Los Angeles while Rhoda stayed in New York. They would reunite in Hollywood each year to add to their collection during Oscar week. When the pair passed away, Harvey (1942- 2002) and Rhoda (1938- 2012); the siblings left the collection to Harvey’s son, David. It bothered David that the collection was not available for the public and interested collectors to see and enjoy. He decided to put the individual items in the collection up for auction. This 8×10 photograph is in excellent condition. The content of Miss Carrera’s resume indicates that the photo and the resume were mailed in about 1994.

Buy this original vintage “Headshot” photograph and Resume (includes shipping within the US) #2512

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Buy this original vintage “Headshot” photograph and Resume (includes international shipping outside the US) #2512

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